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tatyanasergei 01-24-2013 07:26 PM

PVP - Advice for a Recluse Healer build?
(Moving discussion here instead of the Klingon Shipyards, since I am looking for PVP advice specifically)

Hey again, guys!

So after my last thread, I've been running my heal/annoy Temporal Science Vessel build. While it has held up admirably and allowed me the support style of gameplay I enjoy, I'd like to experiment with a more bulky healer- Namely, the Recluse Carrier that I snagged off the exchange for a sweet 40 mil.

I am a science captain, and this will be my first time running a true carrier build. I want to focus on healing my allies and using pets to deal minor damage/annoyance as able. I would prefer to not use any STF gear. Any suggestions from veteran carrier pilots as to how I should set up my BOFFs, or anything else I should probably look out for in PVP as a carrier pilot?

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