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jnohd 01-24-2013 11:11 PM

KHG Helmet shuffle
The KHG helmets are finally activated! But what's this? There appears to be some shuffling of artwork afoot!

The two options available now are "Klingon Honor Guard" and "Klingon Honor Guard Quv"

The base KHG seems to be fine, matching the Type 2 unlock parts and the Mk XII base KHG armor when the visuals are activated.

The Type 3 and Type 4 armors have some issues, however:


So here we see, Adapted KHG Mk XII armor with the visuals does NOT match the Quv Type 4 helmet owning that set unlocks.

Additionally, there is NO "Hos" Type 3 helmet!

While it is possible the "Quv" helmet option is supposed to be the "Hos" option, I have provided the helmet seen on the Klingon Photonic Security/Tactical Officer as a suggestion - the "bars" or "ridges" on it very closely match what appear on the rest of the "Hos" Type 3 set! I realize that officer wears the spiked/bladed KHG gear we only see otherwise on Naussican KHG adorned starbase guards, but those ridges really are undeniably a good match for the Hos gear!

Can we please see the "Hos" Helmet added, and the Adapted armor's visual's helmet, too?

You know, seeing as we've been helmet-less all this time? :D

Bug Ticket: 1,461,301

starkaos 01-26-2013 03:36 PM

Is this on on Tribble or Holodeck? Also which race and gender is your character? Tried it on Holodeck with my Female Orion and no Helmet customization.

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