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abfabfleet 01-27-2013 12:04 PM

=^Ab Fab Fleet^= Recruitment Drive
Hello all active STO gamers:

Currently The Ab Fab Continuum is looking to recruit other active players

We are a small social fleet with a casual play style.

We may be limited with players but we are active, friendly and sociable. The founding leaders are lifetime subscribers who play daily and we have members in various timezones and play styles.

If you're looking for a simple, laid back, easy going fleet with no strings or pressure and LGBT friendly we encourage you to join us.

We have a Fleet Emblem, a no uniform rule. And only 2 rules, one of which is Skype is at your own risk and the other please leave any issues at the door before joining. We also have a level 3 Starbase under construction to T4 and could use other active players who are adult oriented, speak effectively, forgive easily and are willing to help establish a coordinated enjoyable effort (pvp or pwe) to continue this small legacy forward with the love of STO in mind.

We head a small fleet and we're looking for additional members to help with fleet projects, everyone who joins the Ab Fabs will get:

-Invite privileges or bring your friends! Or not!
-Limited fleet bank access, there is nothing good there anyway!
-Access to fleet provisions, once over 50K in donating
-A starbase that is T3 complete and Mine, Embassy and Squire at T2, and no limited time projects missed, transwarp away!

In return, this will be expected of you:


If this fleet interests you and you are from a homeless, small, broken fleet or a lower Tier fleet or just tired of a Fleet Dictator or Counsel, bring your ideas, thoughts, playstyle, build and laughter and join us, we are a completely non-discriminative fleet, again with very limited rules only 2! We do ask for 21 plus as most younger players are not as active.

We also have a Skype group available, a klingon fleet, which we are currently looking for someone to take over as advisor or call their own, but not required.

Live Long and Leave the Logic in the dead of space...

Ab Fab Fleet Founders

Starbase Progress:

Starbase - Fleet Level 11
Military (Shipyard) - Tier 3
Engineering (Industrial Fabricator) - Tier 3
Science (Communications Array) - Tier 3

Dilithium Mine - T2
Embassy - T2
Spire - T2

If interested reply to post or send a tell/mail in-game to: @Vesper01, @IndyJonesNYS or @mroyale (Invitations can be sent even if you're offline)

revlot 07-27-2013 08:47 AM

Nice guys who just want to have fun.

abfabfleet 07-27-2013 07:03 PM

Revlot, please understand you chose to leave this fleet on your own after many of us trying to explain the ranking system and that you were capable of donating to wherever within the fleet base, embassy and mine. No one twisted your hand and we still accept the fact that you chose to donate wherever and whenever, you are and still welcome back to this fleet. Overall, the raging about fleet marks in fleet chat and calling people within our fleet discriminating due to your disability, because you could not understand was not entirely called for. Then you chose to remove yourself from the friends list of everyone within the fleet. Either way, we 'the entire fleet', would not continue to slam us in the forums when you chose to seclude yourself ingame and rage within our channel, then chose to voluntarily leave because you could not understand the fleet credit system.

revlot 08-28-2013 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by abfabfleet (Post 12131271)
Well first off, respectfully, revlot plan on breaking out the American Express if you don't have 2 years to waste beyond Level 3. Secondly, your disability means nothing to those that are willing to invite you and you are willing to accept and help level a fleet and not become involved in chat or otherwise, as you have stated you were with several fleets before, but got bored or irritated. As most of us do, we choose to leave our 'personal' lives out of an MMO. But some advice here, it was best for you to remain with a semi active fleet and remain silent. I would also suggest, respectfully, you refrain on slandering your previous fleets considering, you've already mentioned your in-ability to interact among a collective and how they choose to do things and where they choose to donate. Fact is, when you join a fleet and remain silent, you can donate to wherever you wish. Best of luck and leave your 'disability' off the forums as it obviously has had some ill tides with other fleets.

I learned so much from you guys while I was in your fleet, and wanted to say how grateful I am that you were so patient and understanding with me while I learned how to play the game. Your words of wisdom mean a lot to me, and I want you to know that I have started a fleet with just me in it, so I can work at my own pace and nobody will be there for me to inadvertently offend. I honestly don't think that anybody will want to join my fleet other than to harvest my provisions, so I will most likely be all alone in my fleet. But that is OK, since I have learned so much from you guys. And don't worry about me saying anything stupid in the forums because I am going to voluntarily resign from posting to the forums. Hope you guys have a great fleet!

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