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tradik 01-28-2013 08:32 AM

Daily Event Schedule needs modernization
I was actually surprised this has not happened since Season7 started...

Why is THE VAULT event still a daily bonus event? Would it not make more sense to remove it, and simply expand the Reputation Daily Event to 2 hours, such as the Daily Fleet Marks event? This will be more pertinent in future seasons as well, as you add additional Rep chains and adventure zones.

Officer Daily Reports event: is there really a need for it now due to the changes? AFAIK (game is patching, my apologies if I get this wrong), the event only increases XP rewards for turning in IOR. Do we really need this? Wouldn't this hour be better served promoting other PVP play, older adventure zones like Defara/Nukara, episode replays, etc? Or make it specific for the Spotlight Foundry that specific mission, you get a bonus xp and DIL reward.

What happened to the Crystaline Entity Event? It's still relevant as far as I know.

Combine Academy Dil Event with Academy History 101 Event. Merge 2 hours into 1 hour...they are at the same location anyways. It will free up an hour for something else.

Personally, I would like to see more frequent Fleet Marks and Rep Marks event times...even if it meant splitting them up into 1 hour blocks instead of 2 hour blocks.

These are all just random observations to try to help make the daily event schedule a little more useful to players. Other suggestions are more than welcome...although not a HIGH priority for Devs (they have a growing list of problems and bugs to work out that should be priority), giving them ideas for this would be a fruitful exercise.

marc8219 01-28-2013 08:39 AM

I agree. Remove Vault Event and expand rep hour, and other events like path to 2409, and academy event should be merged. Officer reports should either be merged with those events to or removed. Make mirror event happen more frequently like it used to.

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