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webdeath 01-29-2013 03:59 PM

Top Concerns of PvP Balance

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic (Post 7722011)
Hey guys, I think this thread has run its course.

If you would all like to make a new "Top Concerns of PvP Balance" thread to air other grievances, I promise to give it a read, and respond where/when possible.

I'd have to say my Top Concerns of PVP Balance are:

Lobi Store weapons and Consoles.

This is especially true of the Concentrated Tachyon Mines. The more players I see running these with Dispersal Patterns the less I want to Que up.

Anti Matter Spread is an annoying power, to be true, but it's worse when you can resist the Scramble Aspect of it, but not the Jam aspect of it. Add in the new Reputation Crit = Jam, and then throw on the KDF Honor Guard shield/Adapted M.A.C.O Shield and you probably should just put your weapons on auto target and HOPE you hit something. Which all leads into Stackable Placates

Graviton Pulse also feels out of balance for PVP.. Especially when it can last for nearly 30 seconds in some cases.

But the Number One cause for the most concern in PVP where Balance is concerned:

One Crits, it all Crits.

That bug effects so many things that as long as it continues, anything that can be effected by it becomes much stronger then it should be. This includes but is not limited to: Plasma Dots and Dispersal Pattern Mines to name a couple.

All in all there are a lot of things I'm sure that concern the Majority of PVP. Those above are a couple that I feel are problematic for PVP in the current state it's in where Powers and Balance is concerned.

wast33 01-29-2013 04:08 PM

+ in my opinion: duration of shutdown- and cd's affecting abilities in general

no real counter for vm, except batteries and eng team(shared cd with tt :()... just played in an arena where me and my mates in some cases were hit by 3 vm's in short time.
the first was counterable with a batterie on a 2min cd, but then... i guess there should be at least a short immunity when hit first.

no real counter and too long lasting duration of sn. sci team, i know (heard it does not work at all?).. but again there's the shared cd with tt.
also 30 sec duration seem way too long. even 10 secs is a long time in pvp, but 30?

last i encountered and was kind of surprised in the first place about is when your shields are full, even rsp just hit, and then one facing of your shields totally been stripped off (under fire ^^)... dunno what is causing that.

also to consider: may i just lack of experience ;)...

dontdrunkimshoot 01-29-2013 04:16 PM

crew being a multiplier for subsystem repair makes doffed VM OP. nice idea, HORRIBLY game play ramifications

devorasx 01-29-2013 04:22 PM

My concerns are still the same as last.

The breen cluster torpedo needs a look into, altered, changed and most of all the crit-link NEEDS to be solved. Tricobalt mine damage needs additional nerfing.

Next up is the APO immunity to movement debuffs. APO already has alot of bonuses tied to it, and we already know that escorts are king in pvp. They have it all from all departments in terms of speed, defense and offense which the other 2 classes cant have at the same time.

Lastly i still want defense removed from its correlation to speed. Defense should instead be given as a static numerical value based on ship type. Give cruiser a base 40%, SV a base 30% and escort 20%, and new engineering consoles to boost said value. Right now escorts are superior in both defense and offense with little risk to themselves, part in due to APO and the fact that escorts are at the majority of the time in control of the pace of battle. They can even escape and heal up while other ships will have a hard time catching up. This will too nullify the tractor beam hold which seriously sets both SV and cruisers in a gigantic disadvantage, as they dont have the escape possibilties as the escort and the fact their defense value is reduced to 0, aka sitting duck.

adamkafei 01-29-2013 04:25 PM

I know its been mentioned elsewhere and the playerbase has mixed opinions on the matter but energy weapons need looking at (See the threads in General feedback, fed feedback and even here) Beams in general (much like science powers) need looking at given their tenancy to reduce their own capacity to deal damage due to their high (and long lasting) drain compared to alternative weapon systems and considering these are the primary weapon choice (and in some cases the only weapon choice) for most ship types in the game they need at least looking at if not modifying a bit. (The fix to FAW will help a little but does not overcome the basic problems, still thanks :))

The other thing that really needs to be high on the list of priorities are science powers considering how (unless you use a cookie-cutter build) science in a science ship is the games least effective combo, if you took the perfect Tac/sci against the perfect sci/sci chances are tac/sci would win, perfect eng/sci vs perfect sci/sci and the perfect eng/sci would likely win
that said you take the perfect tac/sci against the perfect eng/sci and the eng/sci would likely win due to the way sci powers work with tac captain powers and the way eng captain powers work in general.

Just my 2p

devorasx 01-29-2013 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by adamkafei (Post 7733741)
The other thing that really needs to be high on the list of priorities are science powers considering how (unless you use a cookie-cutter build) science in a science ship is the games least effective combo -snip-

Just my 2p

Care to elaborate which science skills? Cause the only thing i can think of which gives sciscorts an advantage is SNB, which is a captain power.

thishorizon 01-29-2013 04:35 PM

I picked up some tachyon mines.


Also, I toyed around with a viral trans bop this morning.


There are still many things to be maxd in this game. That's for damn sure. Find what is just a little powered, and know where to throw points and what gear and ship to run.

Ah. My playtime sucks these days anyways, good luck to you guys still grinding away and testing for the rest of us. And thank you.

Have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-

adamkafei 01-29-2013 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by devorasx (Post 7734931)
Care to elaborate which science skills? Cause the only thing i can think of which gives sciscorts an advantage is SNB, which is a captain power.

Lets not forget how SNB combined with SScan and PF is an excellent combo for sci/scorts or DF is another major one if you have a group of escorts so long as you stay together and you can use that in conjunction with PF again if you need some cannonfodder in an escort. Those combos give a sci/scort more functionality than an eng/scort as well as giving a major advantage over the eng/scort and placing it a little behind the tac/scort in terms of effectiveness.

hroothvitnir 01-29-2013 04:43 PM

And transplant this here from the FAW thread. Idea of it being a fix for the balancing issue that you run into with tac buffs increasing damage of some sci ability's. That causes a problem as a sci captain in a sci ship wont get much damage out of it but they cant increase it as a tac captain can just jam a battery and get everything the sci captain could from the power and more damage. So my idea is just get rid of 90% of the damage in sci powers and make them more about how they affect a target.


Originally Posted by hroothvitnir (Post 7730131)
The question about sci powers being tac buffed is would removing or reducing that make it where they would be rebalanced so that they would function adequately based on skill spec, and not on how much dps TBR/FBP puts out with full tac buffs.

I want tachyon beam to do something and be a worthwhile skill to take on a burst damage Vesta build but its not, its not even any where close to useful compared to TB and TBR or even GWIII.

Sci skills shouldn't be about the damage numbers they should be about the effects. VM is a good example it does 0 damage at all but is useful if you take it as it causes the enemy to use up options to counter it giving you an opportunity to make a kill. And TB is basically the space version of hold to the ground and pummel no one cares about the miniscule damage it does, the effect is worth so much more. Yet only a few people use TBR for the push effect most are still using it for the damage.

As far as tachyon beam I'd like to toss the drain and turn it into a just a flat reduces shield resist or possibly increases bleed through damage by % amount skill. That way instead of being a shield damage skill its a shield affecting skill.

Thats my opinion on science anyway.

thegrimcorsair 01-29-2013 04:43 PM

For the record, using Mk XI Jem'hadar Deflector, 5 Mk XI Purple Graviton Generator Consoles, 9 ranks into the Graviton Generators skill, and 125 Auxillary Power I get a Graviton Pulse Generator effect duration of 50.9 seconds.

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