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ccarmichael07 01-31-2013 07:41 PM

Post-Temporal Ambassador Feedback
So, I just played through the new mission, and wanted to give some feedback.

1. Azure Nebula - This place is stunning! I had not been inside before, but that rift looks amazing, and this map was a beautiful backdrop for this mission.

2. The mission - I won't go into any spoilers, but this mission was very creative, very well written, and I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the unique use of my Bridge Officers, it came as quite a surprise for me, as I first recognized the officer, then looking at the name, realized just who it was. Well done!

3. The Ambassador Class, Part 1: Whoever did this ship model, kudos on a job well done! Very nicely polished, it looks very nice. I'd really like to see whoever did this work, get the opportunity to do a cleanup pass on some of the older models in the game, that could use some TLC.

4. The Ambassador Class, Part 2: Ok, this is a bit of a nag, but it cant all be sunshine and rainbow, am I right? So...the bridge. I was disappointed that the bridge is not a unique bridge reflecting the correct time period, but rather, it was decided to use the bridge of the ship which eventually replaced the Ambassador? That seems a bit...low rent. If you plan to put out a C-Store version, might I suggest you invest the time and create a "Lost Era" bridge, which could be used on a bunch of ships in game? (Connie Refit, Excelsior, Miranda, Ambassador, etc.) Maybe make it a self contained bridge, like you did with the Wells Class, with no interior hooked up to break the immersion?

5. "Yesterday's Enterprise" Uniform: I was really hoping this was a Rachel Garrett/Ensign Picard/Jack Crusher version of the TWOK uniform instead of the belt and shoulder strap from the alternate timeline Ent-D. Hopefully, we'll see a revised TWOK uniform in the future, as I suggest in this thread:

6. Excelsior > Ambassador??: This one makes no sense to me. The Ambassador succeeded the Excelsior, so it's logical to assume the ship was improved. Not only that, but it's a larger ship, so one would guess it has more room for equipment. However, please note the following:

Excelsior has a Science Lieutenant. Ambassador has a Science Ensign.
Excelsior has 2 Tac Consoles. Ambassador has 1 Tac Console.

At the least, in terms of gameplay, this makes the Ambassador weaker than the ship that came before it. Granted, the Excelsior is a C-Store ship, but was it really necessary to go this route? Could you have not made the Ambassador at least EQUAL to the Excelsior, with perhaps 2 Sci consoles instead of the 2 Tac consoles?

If you release a C-Store Ambassador (which I suspect you will) you'll need to give some thought to how you slide the Ambassador into the ship tiers, between the Excelsior and Galaxy, so that the Ambassador is not weaker than it's predecessor, nor stronger than it's successor.

7. Voiceovers: Now, I'll end on a positive note. Thank you for this! I do enjoy the voiced missions, and a big thanks to Denise Crosby for lending her voice to the franchise, one more time.

nightmarechi1d 01-31-2013 08:15 PM

I agree with most of the above.

About #7 though, and nothing against Denise Crosby, but Tasha got pretty damn annoying during that last part. "Do you want me to do that? I know a few things about forcefields." no, go away. "Having trouble? You do know we could have Tholians swarming us any minute, right?" shut up! "I thought we took care of everything. Starfleet protocol 547c clearly states that..." Where the hell is Armus when you need him?

crunch2600 01-31-2013 10:15 PM

The voice-overs do a lot for me. It makes the characters a lot more real to me and the interactions and scripted parts that much more interesting. They should be in all missions and it's a shame Foundry authors can't use them.

azurianstar 01-31-2013 10:22 PM

Not going to comment on the mission since there is already a thread discussing that.

But I'm very pleased with the T5 Ambassador. If this ship was around when STO launched, I might've chosen it over the Sovereign. And the model itself is probably the most accurate of all ships we have in-game.

Only concern I have is that its layout is en par with the Sovereign and Excelsior, which really makes the Galaxy less of an attractive playable ship. Even the Odyssey has long outclassed her, and even has saucer seperation. So hope Cryptic is going to revise the Galaxy in some fashion.

nccmark 02-01-2013 06:50 AM

My only "gripe" after playing was the decision to use Very Rare Mk XII weapons on the Enterprise C. The Enterprise D refused to upgrade her weapons when sending her back, but suddenly she has better weapons than most ships in the future timeline? Maybe the Tholians had upgraded them, but then why? Enterprise C was overgunned, IMO.

That being said, those were nice weapons and I tried (in vain) to remove them from the Enterprise C and put them in my inventory. Of course, no luck.

ggg247 02-01-2013 08:00 AM

The Ambassador is now my second favorite looking ship (behind the Constitution-class) in the entire game. Fantastic job!

My level 22 Commander wishes he had a Lt. Sci officer slot instead of the Ensign slot, though, as he's currently fighting in the Romulans missions and needs that Tractor Beam Repulsor. Otherwise, its perfect.

lordgabe 02-01-2013 05:54 PM

Enjoyed it also done it eight times now so Tasha's voice over gets a bit tired near the end but otherwise loved it think more like this and a bit more luck with keys and i'll be singing your praises.

sirurza 02-01-2013 07:09 PM

Was surprised the Ambassador was inferior to the Excelsior as well. I guess that's the difference between free ships and pay ships.

johnnymo1 02-01-2013 07:49 PM

Has it ever been established just how good the Ambasador class ship was in Star Trek? I loved this episode, but I have seen a lot of people complain about the ship itself. We have seen it in action in shows for a grand total of 1 episode and about 6 min. of other episodes. I think the ship is a great little ship. I will not complain if there is a c-store version, I'll most likely buy it. Just please include the interior for the ship as a part of the c-store version if there is one! Great job in general devs!

ccarmichael07 02-01-2013 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by johnnymo1 (Post 7835961)
Has it ever been established just how good the Ambasador class ship was in Star Trek?

One can assume from design lineage, that the Ambassador should be closer in strength and power to the Galaxy, than it is to the Excelsior. The Ambassador was obviously meant to succeed the Excelsior, so it stands to reason the designers and engineers wouldn't build the ship to merely equal the Excelsior, much less be less powerful. That would be a waste, given the size increase from the Excelsior lineage to the Ambassador lineage.

So, in terms of STO, the Ambassador should have had BOff slots, weapons, and consoles, somewhere between that of the Cmdr. Excelsior and the Capt. Galaxy. Instead, it's BOff slots and consoles are less than that of the Excelsior, thereby making the ship weaker in gameplay terms than the ship which proceeded it.


I will not complain if there is a c-store version, I'll most likely buy it. Just please include the interior for the ship as a part of the c-store version if there is one! Great job in general devs!
I certainly hope the Devs will tackle a 2290s-2330s era interior for a C-Store version. At the very least, a bridge, which could then be useable on Mirandas, Excelsiors, Oberth and even Connie Refit ships. It's been asked for, for a long time and this would be a good way to deliver on it.

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