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mreeves7a 02-01-2013 02:45 PM

Phaser Array grumbles...
With the Ambassador's clever layout on it's array hardpoints, specifically the ones on the aft portions of the saucer being used to fire aft, It has made me want the layout to be adopted on other cruisers should they ever get a make over.

The assault cruiser variations in game have small phaser strips on the aft areas of their saucer sections. Can some of the aft array hard points be moved up from the cluttered arrays near the pylons? Perhaps move 2 points up for each port and starboard?

Same thing for the Galaxy class model, there are 2 small phaser strips at the top of the battle section/secondary hull. Can they get some of the firing points for the aft/dorsal arcs?

On a related note:
Can the Dual Beam bank firing points be moved from sharing the Dual heavy cannons hard points? It would go a long ways to making DHC/DBB escorts look like they have more than 2 weapons. Perhaps DBB could be moved to use forward beam array points? Or move the DBB to share the Dual cannon points, since many people do not use those?

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