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decorayah 02-01-2013 06:08 PM

T5 fleet shipyards unreachable for new players?
Hello there. I seem to have a bit of a problem with the Fleet system.

I'm a relatively new player, got my first 50 1-2 months ago. Since then ofc i have been dreaming of having one of those cool ships the vice admirals ride in. I did some research on the ZEN and fleet systems and i'm starting to lose hope.

The ships that require a T5 Shipyard are my main goal. They'r powerful and good looking and have all the cool stuff i'v been wanting to have. But the problem i face is a big one. As far as i know if i join a low lv fleet it would take a lot of time to get it to the stage i desire so the ships i'v been wanting to have become available. Don't get me wrong. If i could play the game many hours a day i wouldn't mind building a fleet from scratch. The reason that's not ideal for me is that i rly don't have that much spare time because of work. When i asked around if someone would take me in a high lvl fleet i got 2 types of responses: " we had to do so much work to get a fleet to that lv and you want to get what we achieved with no effort at all?" and " i can get you what you want for 25mil EC. Whatcha think?"

As a new player that amount of EC is sooo huge. Considering the time i can spare to play the game it would take me forever to grind. The second idea i understand - you can't just trust an outsider with the fleet you invested so much in. He can steal stuff or just get a ship and disappear.

I am rly not that guy. I'm not seeking some dishonest gain or something. I just want to get a cool ship i couldn't otherwise afford considering my free time. Is there rly no fleet that would let me join them? Can i at least try to win their trust before being rejected? Sure i want a ship but it doesn't end there. I will be friendly and helpful to the fullest of my ability but to do that i first need a chance. Is there someone here that can give me that?

wast33 02-01-2013 06:14 PM

there are fleets who sell ship provisions for much less (or much more with better conditions). you may just keep an eye open and have to wait a while.... you may want to give your @handle, so anyone reading this could respond ;)...

my fleets shipyard is only t2 btw, so i can't help you directly. you may also should consider joining a fleet and contributing for a while before getting able to buy things. it's just normal ;)...

f2pdrakron 02-01-2013 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by wast33 (Post 7834411)
there are fleets who sell ship provisions for much less (or much more with better conditions).

But is kinda of the issue, Fleets were turned from Guilds into another money making scheme that 2 sides are exploiting ... Cryptic and some players.

I dont think its provisions that are a problem, its the "I want you to pay for them" that is a problem because this created a situation were players feel they payed for something (and they did) and feel they need to be compensated from it, of course I could say not everyone feels the same but heck, you seen the replies the OP got that shows this is exactly what is happening.

So congratulations on your long term goal Cryptic, I could have said you shouldn't had bothered because your playerbase was quite as capable as going as low to exploit others even before the Fleet system come about, they didnt need the Fleet to go so low you know ...

wast33 02-01-2013 06:36 PM

...+ it's the only way for non-fleet players (who don't want to join ever) to get fleet-ships and an opportunity for the fleets to give rewards to their members.
indeed it's caused by cryptics policy, but i also think there's nothing wrong with it (besides the initially policy, which is now set and to handle).
the provisions fleets are selling were earned over long time and with great sinks, so there's nothing wrong with selling access i guess ^^...
on the other hand: just join and wait to get promoted... got ribbed off? found your own fleet or take your time to look for a proper fleet...
just my 2c

blitzy4 02-01-2013 06:44 PM

Problem is its really easy to get burned right now..

unknownmccloud 02-01-2013 06:44 PM

I represent the Admiralty of Fleet 01, we are a small fleet, we are just a breath away from rolling over our Starbase to Tier 1, just got our shipyard before that, once the cool down is over we will officially be a Tier 1 starbase holding fleet, so I know how it is and the work involved, we have actually gone from tier nothing to tier one in just a few weeks with a handful of people doing 95% of the contributing and not all of them are even Vice Admiral in game yet (anyone of course is welcome to join us if they so desire)

personally at our fleet all new members are under a probationary period that lasts a minimum of 2 weeks a maximum of 30 days, so that we can tell if the new member is going to be a good match for us and us for them, during that time they are in a "new invite" rank and have EXTREMELY limited access to the fleet bank and any provisioned stores at the star base once we get them. We use Dolby Axon for voice chat and while we dont necessarily require it outright, once that 2 week period is up we do require members to sign up/on we do a brief interview over the voice chat and then assuming that all goes well they are promoted to the first real rank within our fleet, we do not require and mandatory bank contributions, we encourage contributions though to the bank and really really push for everyone to regularly contribute something to the starbase projects esp those no longer in new invite status....that is how we provide ourselves with some protection from anyone looking for a free ride to get some free goodies and then jump put two weeks of investing into and playing with a fleet under your belt, your a lot less likely to just eat and far that has worked very well for us

selldur 02-01-2013 06:50 PM

I am a member of a t4 Fleet, that is always taking in new members, you can look at the site at I like them so far only been with them for about a week so far.

f2pdrakron 02-01-2013 06:53 PM

Of course there is something wrong, it segregated not only the players but also the Fleets.

I could swear before Season 6 come they said there would be Public Fleets ... that did not happened, why?

A public Fleet would allow all players access to the Fleet system without either having to be part of it or having to be at a certain level, it would mean that sure we would likely having to pay more for the same things but access would not be denied based on being in one or not or the Fleet actual level.

Also it really changed Fleets, before it was shared bank and sure, there was the occasional complain about it being raided by someone (fortunately a rare event) but after Season 6 we now have to deal with a situation, the Megafleets that have it all and the not-Megafleets that have some things (maybe T3) but lack the ability to go beyond that and their choices are either linger and die because nobody will join then (only saving grace is the 500 members limit, pray that its not extended meaning at one point the small Fleets are the only option to actually be in the Fleet system), linger and advance at the pace they can (T4 upgrade when the great 2010's depression is over) or push forward the best they can (T4 next year or so).

Do I think its wrong? Yes because Fleets should be a community ... not a shop, Cryptic turn then into shops were people sell goods, goods they acquired by spending money on them and few have the feeling of sharing something they helped create with their fellow guildmembers ... instead is a good and I should not even go over who actually PAYED for provisions because I am pretty sure some officers that are taking the 25 millions into their accounts payed exactly zero for it.

nicha0 02-01-2013 06:59 PM

I get where most fleets are coming from, ours is at t4 and t5 is a long way away. Why would a fleet with a T5 starbase (which has costs of about $7000 if you used the dil exchange) want to give you something when you didn't help in the least? Does the fleet need you? No, you admittly don't play much, won't contribute nearly anything (not that they have any issue with resources because most fleets at T5 now are huge) and just want the best of the best without any real effort. So if you want the best of the best, you pay up, or you work hard, but the best things in STO life aren't free.

redsnake721 02-01-2013 06:59 PM

There is a Guy that is always in ESD selling access to his tier 5 shipyard, 40 mil EC

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