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mimey2 02-01-2013 11:12 PM

The War Fronts
So I was thinking about the war-heavy story the game has had for it's entirity, and all the different fronts of this mega-war. I realized while thinking about it, that a couple of these more major fronts are gone, and there others may soon follow.

The fronts of the war, are the following:

Fed/KDF war (major)
Romulan front (fairly major)
Borg front (major)
Undine front (major)
Dominion Crisis (minor)
True Way front (semi-major)
Tholian front (major)
Mirror Universe Crisis (semi-major)
Devidian Crisis (minor)
The Iconians (Primary enemy)
Temporal Cold War (?)

(I might've missed some as well)

However, most of these are knocked out of the park:

Borg front: Into the Hive and Hive Onslaught pretty much ended this one due to the destruction of the Borg Queen and the Unimatrix. Obviously there's still a lot of Borg stuff, but story-wise, they're done.

Undine front: Ended off-screen pretty much with that magazine article. I don't know the details, but pretty much Data just showed the truth to the Undine, and that was that.

Dominion Crisis: The 2800 series is what I mean here. The re-appearance of this fleet caused a short-term crisis when Kar'ukan and his forces took over DS9, led to the freeing of the Founder, and that fleet returning to the Gamma Quadrant.

True Way front: Pretty much the remnants of the old ways of Cardassia, and rogue Jem'Hader. The devs have more or less set these aside, so I can guess that anything involving them is pretty much finished for now.

Mirror Universe Crisis: Same as the above really. In terms of story stuff they appear to be done. However due to the Tholians, we'll probably see more in the future about them, who knows.

Devidian Crisis: Well this was summed up in the FE series. We've all played it a thousand times, so I won't say anymore on this.

That leaves us with:

Fed/KDF war
Romulan front
Tholian front
The Iconians

So the Fed/KDF war is kind of up in the air IMO. I have a feeling this will be resolved for good somehow in season 8. Right now, at best it's described as a 'heated ceasefire'.

Romulan front, I feel about the same here. As for how, there's too many possibilities.

Tholians: These seem to be the main bad guy for the past couple seasons due to their incursions into the mirror universe and time travel. More or less the current replacement for the Borg

Temporal Cold War: I never liked the TCW in Enterprise. I felt it was a rather weak plot point to use over and over like that. But we've seen the Wells class in the game, and one even directly helps us in the Temporal Ambassador mission, so who knows.

The Iconians: We haven't heard a whole lot about them for awhile, so I'm wondering what is going on behind the scenes with them.

So pretty much my point from all this, is that while we did have a lot of fronts, we've shrunk that number down considerably, to a much more reasonable amount. And it'll probably be reduced even more in the future.

chalpen 02-02-2013 06:21 AM

Don't forget the inner turmoil that each captain must face

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