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wast33 02-02-2013 02:52 PM

Starbase may for sale
hi all.
so.... i'm thinking about selling my starbase for ec, cause the grind is very hard on your own ^^... even when being patient it will take me around 2 years or even more to finish everything (haven't started embassy f.e.) and i recently find more and more people who's fleets to join may would be an option (if they want me), so here's the state:

t1 base (t2 update ready but not slotted; 4k fleet xp)
t2 shipyard (33k mil-xp)
almost t2 fabricator (slotted and 2/3 filled, but so t1 yet; 25k eng-xp)
t1 transwarp and first step up to t2 com-array ready (also t1 build; 15k-17k sci-xp, not sure actually)
85 ship proviosions ready, no others but 20 engineering assets, a whole bunch of tac-buffs(?) and tac-, sci- and eng- doffmission-officers ready. also first featured project is done.

i built it up from the scratch myself when season 6 hit, july last year i guess (except ca. 50.000 on provisioins board from a friend who has no time to play; 3.700.000+ from myself + some from my alts).

to point it out: this is primarily a thread for discussing such a deal, i'm not convinced that i really wanna sell it immediately (regarding the effort), nor can imagine anyone would buy it for a good price (from my point of view).
- are you disgusted about my idea? why?
- are you excited about my idea? why?
- should i just stop thinking about and spamming the forums with?
- what do you think should be the pricing on such a deal?
- am i just a ferengi? :D
- at least (and plz not to troll about): if anyone is out there who's really interested in buying this with much(!) ec i may get convinced.

damn my thoughts, damn the grind :D ;)

edit: this is the right thread, other one could be deleted. just if a mod shows up ;)... and sry 4 doubleposting (damn that qeustionmark in my head)

starkaos 02-02-2013 08:01 PM

Not interested since I have a fleet that started Tier 4 Science upgrade and working on the Tier 2 Embassy upgrade (1 million dilithium hurts for a Tier 2 upgrade), but mentioning how many and which 200,000 dilithium projects you have done might entice people to get it. Also you might want to try to get to Tier 2 Starbase and facilities so whoever decides to get it doesn't have to do that. It could be a sign of accomplishment that you got to tier 2 all by yourself.

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