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patrickngo 02-03-2013 05:18 AM

another dumb idea-Fleet Gearing and parts meant to work together.
There's the STF sets, and the Jem Set, the Aegis and the Breen sets...

all of these have good (some have great) stats and a "bonus" ability.

Fleet gearing doesn't, but costs the same (in some cases more) in terms of both Grind, and Dilithium.

I have another dumb idea here...hear me out, some of you may think it's kinda cool...

Set Bonus: Fleet Set.

Base requirement to unlock

level 1: Fleet Deflector+Fleet Shields+Fleet Engine

Level 1 bonus: "Parts meant to work together"
This is a 'precursor' ability that requires additional components to function.

Level 2: "System's Integration:Parts meant to work together"
Level 2 Requirements:

Cruiser: 8 Fleet Weapons installations
Escort/ Destroyer: 7 Fleet Weapons installed
Science Ship/BoP/Raider: 6 Fleet Weapons installed.
Fighter/Shuttle: 2 Fleet Weapons

Function: For each Fleet Weapon slotted, reduce power cost by 2.5%

for example:

Cruiser: Fleet engines+Deflector+Shields+8 Fleet Beam Arrays: Power drain for broadside is 20% reduced (means each BA only draws 8 power instead of 10) for a total power drain of 64 as opposed to 80 for the most power-expensive build on a Cruiser chassis.

Escort: Fleet Engines+Deflector+Shields+4 Fleet DHC+3 Fleet Turrets: Power drain is reduced by (10% of 48=4.8, 7.5% of 24=1.8 so 6.6) or 72-6.6, so a total drain of 65.4 weapons power. (based on the most COMMON escort build)

and so on.

Basically, this is an idea for "Economy of scale" applying to ship's power as provided by the very-expensive and oft-maligned fleet sets (specifically the "Advanced" fleet equipment. some other item could be applied for the Elite Fleet gear).

Note that this idea revolves around the concept of someone grinding the marks, and dilithium, to fully outfit a ship with nothing BUT Fleet gear.

which in some fleets can be quite difficult, as access to Fleet Stores is restricted to the top levels...

drkfrontiers 02-03-2013 05:32 AM

All of the elite fleet engines, deflectors and shields have vast improvements over all others items in the game.

IMO that already sets them apart. Add any more, and these would trump any STF/ Rom sets.

trellabor 02-03-2013 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by drkfrontiers (Post 7861541)
All of the elite fleet engines, deflectors and shields have vast improvements over all others items in the game.

IMO that already sets them apart. Add any more, and these would trump any STF/ Rom sets.

Was just about to say the same thing. The Elite gear from the Fleet store is superior to most of the other sets you can acquire IMO. I have them and use them over any of my other 'sets' often.

Not sure what OP is complaining about, Fleet gear is easier IMO to obtain than doing the silly Craputation system for any of that stuff....WAY more grind involved and a much lower ROI doing any of the Rom or Omega projects, and no need to 'pay before you play' by unlocking the ability to purchase something before paying again to purchase an item via 'projects'. The Investigate Officer Reports allows you to choose from tons of player content directed at getting you the DIL and Fleet Marks with the least effort if you want. It's got to be the easiest way to get to gear, IMO.

Just join a solid Fleet, work your way up and contribute doing the Investigate Reports while you are stacking Fleet Credits and DIL at the same time and before you know it you'll have access to the store and have your ships fitted with nice new shiny gears.

patrickngo 02-03-2013 12:02 PM

#1 Told you it was a dumb idea, didn't I?

#3 I wasn't "Complaining", so you're not confused-I wasn't complaining. I was floating an idea to address a few issues brought up many, many times by fans of Cruisers, people whom maybe didn't pick a good fleet, etc. etc.

I don't mind how the mechanics of the game work at present-at least, not much, and not when they actually work (i.e. when not impacted by untested new passives or other bugs).

What really motivated this, is repeated threads about how certain classes and ship types are becoming irrelevant with the proliferation of heals/resists and passives, esp. in PvP, but also in other areas.

There is a segment of the community that feels Cruisers are Underpowered/Escorts overpowered, they're vocal, and often show numbers to back their claims.

Unfortunately, most of them want to nerf things. I'm not keen on the application of the Nerf-Bat to balance the game, so I started wondering what a better balance-pass method might be-one that doesn't involve stripping existing abilities from players, and where you'd have to go to APPLY it...

Hence Fleet gear as the focus-specifically requiring players that WANT that bonus to use it EXCLUSIVELY-one of the things Cryptic did with S7 was take away our ability to mix/match STF gearing-which was, at the time, really the only option a lot of us had for half-decent MkXII equipment (aka running STFs' for the currency, buying the stuff at the Omega store...)

well...the Omega store's gone, from the chatter, it seems they took the space items out of the Rep store (except for the engine/shield/deflector combos) and replaced them with gimmick weapons (the Omega-unimatrix-plasma-ball and the cutting beam). so I really couldn't base the idea on THAT stuff...

but the idea is simple enough:

Parts that are made to work together, will be more efficient than parts that are mix/matched, and further, can be made to work in what the economics guys call "Economies of scale"-aka, take a ship, install EVERYTHING from the same store/manufacturers, designed individually to work with the same components, and you use less energy-and further, the more of it you have installed, the better your energy efficiency gets (means more power you can direct to other things-like tossing heals, or Sci spam, or running the engines hotter, or running more juice to your own shields...or just keeping up the fire-pressure because your damage-drop-off is slower...)

Basically to make Cruisers marginally more efficient with Beam Arrays than Escorts are with Cannons-not a big change, but one that pushes E's out of the "all over better" range that some posters believe them to exist in.

Also makes Escorts marginally more efficient with their weapons than Sci ships OR BoPs-which, as a Bird of Prey user, would make things more difficult for ME...

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