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bohiap 02-03-2013 10:19 PM

Default MACO colors?
I've got the MACO costume 4 option and messed around with the colors. Now I'm looking to go back to the default color options. Is there a way to reset the costume to the default? Or could anybody tell me what the default color selections are?

edited to add: duh, the reset button. For some reason it worked very well this time.

cgray92 01-17-2014 11:52 AM

Head: A3, A2, A2
Upper: A3, I5, A1
Hands: A4, C12, A2, A2
Shoulders: A4, C12, A2, A2
Collar: A4, A2
Chest: A4, C12, A2, A2
Wrist: A4, C12, A2
Belt: A4, H11, A1, A2
Lower: A3, I5, A3
Feet: A4, C12, A2

That's pretty much it, not sure on the yellow shade because I'm using a red and I used the blue lighting instead of the black lighting on the armour. Other than that it's as close as I can tell, using a comparison with a bridge officer wearing the armour piece

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