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apocalypse2001 02-04-2013 02:11 AM

Ka -tet | Official Recruitment Thread | UFP
The road and the tale have both been long, would you not say so?
The trip has been long and the cost has been high... but no great thing was ever attained easily.
A long tale, like a tall Tower, must be built a stone at a time.

Ka-tet of the Nineteen

The Gunslingers

Trilane (founder)- Let the word and the legend go before you

Little Soldier (fleet XO) - May you find your Tower, Soldier, and breach it, and may you climb to the top!

Hutch - Fault always lies in the same place, my fine babies: with him weak enough to lay blame

1Sniper! - You dare not.

Chuck Norris - When the only fast way you could get rid of the monkey on your back was to snap your spinal cord above that bunch of nerves, you were dealing with one heavy monkey.

The Drawing of the Three

Squint, the pilot god - Battles that last five minutes, spawn legends that live a thousand years

Sarek - Anger is the most useless emotion; destructive to the mind and hurtful of the heart.

Paramoni - I am three women? I who was; I who had no right to be but was; I am the woman you have saved. I thank you Soldier.

Lady Themis - Even if the torture stops, I'll die. And you'll die too, for when love leaves the world, all hearts are still. Tell them of my love and tell them of my pain and tell them of my hope, which still lives. For this is all I have and all I am and all I ask.

Wolves of the Calla (Specialists)

Battles that last five minutes, spawn legends that live a thousand years

Zeddicus - We deal in lead.

Sam - The thunder of his own guns filled him with stupid wonder

Rachel LiSoong - I have an object of great power

Maverick - New Customers are like razor-toothed greenworms. They can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back.

-->Pierre<-- - All this could be yours for one low, low price!

Hooch - When the shooting starts, we kill what moves

The man in black

Dj Quick (Federation Ambassador to New Romulus) - When everything's a surprise, experience takes on a dreamlike quality.


Suppose that all worlds, all universes, met at a single nexus, a single pylon, a Tower. And within it, a stairway, perhaps rising to the Godhead itself. Would you dare climb to the top, gunslinger? Could it be that somewhere above all of endless reality, there exists a room?...
Would you dare?
-->Speak below<--, gunslinger, -->tell us your song<-- - and perhaps, among a tremendous increase in available facts, we may or may not find that you have remarkably few insights.

apocalypse2001 02-06-2013 01:22 AM

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I ask that the moderators, enable img posting for this thread. We have quite a few active members who will want to use special communication posts by adding transmission bars.
If you guys will do this we would be eternally grateful.

apocalypse2001 02-06-2013 10:56 PM

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Join us! and discover your ka!!

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