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ghyudt 02-04-2013 11:04 AM

can't find any new missions since the 2800.
Hey all. I gave the game a long break a while back after I finished the 2800. Just re-installed my game, got my ship set back up, but I can't find any of the new missions anywhere. I don't mean the side missions and what not, I mean new seasons. They aren't in the season list, like the klingon war and the undine seasons. Anyone know what's up?

captainrevo1 02-04-2013 11:16 AM

Not really one for the bug section but the missions released have been mostly repeatable endgame since 2800.

for proper story missions there is a KDF mission called Alpha released after 2800, and there is an anniversary mission just released called temporal ambassador that you get from a guy just outside earth spacedock.

all the other missions are in the pve queue. there are about 12 new ones divided among the romulan, stf, and fleet missions.

there are also mission on new romulus and the story ones unlock through the romulan reputation system. these are 4 small missions and about 6 or 7 cutscenes in total. also the new sector block has a bunch of patrol missions.

there is also nakura prime in eta eridani with a bunch of repeatable missions as well.

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