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defiant8472 02-05-2013 03:06 AM

Small guide: Mine Trap Fleet event

Sorry for poor english, but this guide is very needed as very few players know how to play Mine Trap and when they try it they ruin everything. First thing is then Mine Trap is best fleet event for romulan marks, u can get over 60 romulan marks per run if all 20 players play it right. After over month of daily playing Mine Trap fleet event i developed some tactics how to play it.

= Tactics =
  1. After you start to play check minimap (right upper corner map) for your area color and remember this color for sure! or write down somewhere to not forget it, it's very important!
  2. Ater you die, check minimap for area color and find your team area and run back to your area to protect it, when your team in this way loose 1 player, soon all area will be overcrowded with vampires and if you will be slow, can be to late...
  3. Avoid to stay near vampires, keep some range, as they can neutralize you.
  4. Positions - at town assault you need to esabilish perimeter defence chains, so split to protect different regions but not that far then you was unrearchable for other players as they can't see then you need help then, also you may help others if your teritory secure, but not for long, don't relax for more than 5 secs.
  5. Also possible to use patrol tactics to help to all teammates which need it.
  6. You may aggro vampires if they follow you, in this way you can pull them from houses.

= Targets priority =
  1. Vampires which hypnotized some your teammate, use stuns and knockbacks, pusewave or melee weapon, grenades to free your teammate as when your teammate is inactive your team loose on overall DPS!
  2. Vampires which pull romulans from houses;
  3. Vampires which is near romulans houses;
  4. Vampires spawn spots;
  5. All other vampires.

= Weapons =
Every player needs to have pulsewave shotgun, you must have it at least as secondary weapon.
  1. It's a shotgun = more damage if you shoot in enemy face not from far range.
  2. It will damage everything in that direction for example 6 vampires at once.
  3. It does knockback.
  4. You may get it with extra knockback eg. KB2, KB3. Not bad choice CtrH + KB3
  5. Best choices are disruptor (lower enemy defence if u need to grind strong vampire) or phaser (stuns!).

Also you may have some far range gun: sniper rifle/blast assault (grenade launcher)/assault rifle or beams.

= Armor =
On this event you wont receive typical direct damage and very good works here armors which increase damage, best is recoil compensating armor.

== Professions tips ==
Engineer - You can setup cover shield near house doors it blocks some vampires, also blocks romulans, if u stuck deploying it write /stuck. You don't need here shield regeneation, also very effective to use forcefield dome ability, then vampires unable to enter in that area. And one more thing, with your medical generator allways heal romulans not other players. Also if in team just 1 medical generator, change it locations to heal all romulans, u may check which ones are low on HP, click B key (battle mode - then you see health bars) and check all of them. Also you may setup your cannons somewhere on roofs and other structures where vampires can't come, need to search for such places, i found few in few zones.

Science - Best imho is physicist kit, for holds, burns and shock pulse;

Tactical - Your security escorts can overwhelm vampries if to do everything right, when siege on town starts or when evacuation assault starts use your Security Escort and then Tactical initiative ability it will make then you will be able to use Security Escort again very soon, and all the time check then you used both of those skills. In this way you can spawn huge army of security officers. But they are very weak in begin when they are just few, so in begin is good to stay for example near medical generator to get more troops before other actions. Also you need to protect your security escort crew then they not died and good if it does other teammates too.


Have not so much time, probably i won't read any replies to this post, so sorry if something, but maybe at least few players will learn to play Mine Trap.

bigwig77 02-05-2013 03:43 AM

Excellent write up. I love playing Mine Trap, it is my primary source of Romulan marks, and it sure is lame when you see 29/30, 27/31, 5/7 and - on the board at the end... people playing this fleet action need to read this post.

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