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velqua 02-05-2013 10:43 AM

VA Low Tier PvPs?
So, I am a level 50 VA who enjoys flying around and maxing out lower tier ships. I know most people enjoy PvPing with the latest and greatest, but is there a group of people who also enjoying using their low tier ships out there?

I would like to see Cryptic provide the users PvPs where everyone can use lower tier ships even when they are VAs.

aquitaine985 02-05-2013 11:31 AM

We used to do those all the time in LAG when we had a lot of lower ranked players. We'd pick a rank- Lt.Com ships, Com, or Captain, deck them out with the same rank gear and just have a big private fight! Nobody took it seriously, we'd buy white & green stuff, bolt it to one of the little teeny tiny ships and of a laugh! This was before fleet ships so it was seen as a great excuse to pull out Gladius', Akiras, Galaxys, Novas, Stargazers etc. Fantastic fun! It's all very well being in endgame PVP, but when given restrictions to play by we ended up with lots of weird new play styles that actually worked that rank of game ^_^

velqua 02-05-2013 12:12 PM

That sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to see something like that. It's great for those who can't always have the latest and greatest. I think it would be great to see and test the different configurations using common gear. :)

livinrtb 02-06-2013 09:18 AM

We should get a Lag Ind one going Regulas ... 3v3 cmdr lvl ships, all MkXI blue gear.

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