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kamiyama317 02-07-2013 08:13 PM

Camera Settings
I want my camera to stop automatically turning when I am in ship combat. On ground I like my character to always face forward, and he does and that's fine. In space I want to be able to freely look around at all times.

I have the following settings configured in the "Controls" menu:

Camera Type - Free Camera
Camera Follow Type - Never
Face Offscreen Target on Attack - Off

In space, when I am just flying around, I can turn my camera and it will stay there just fine. However when I am under attack it keeps moving to face the enemy attacking me. Is there any way to turn that off?

rovakiin 02-07-2013 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by kamiyama317 (Post 7950221)
Face Offscreen Target on Attack - Off

I think that's what you need, however if it's already set to off and you're still having issues Im not sure what the problem is. I too suffer from this camera dilemma...

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