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fudgeoflife 02-09-2013 09:05 AM

Free Zen?
I think I once heard someone say that they got free zen somehow on Tribble, is this even possible, and if yes how does it work?


bugspatteredjack 02-09-2013 10:58 AM

If you go the main site where you purchase zen you will see a banner or similar advertising stating this. Click on it and it will take you to another site whereby you have to choose a company and complete whatever questionnaire, etc... they have. Once completed you get the zen, although, it may not be instantaneous. Having never done it myself, I cant tell you more. Part of my reason for refusing to do so is because sometimes they require personal information (i.e. name and address, etc...) which later translates into spam coming to you for crap you don't need or want.

That being said however, there are a variety of ways of getting Free Zen. The best way imo is to purchase a lifetime membership! You get a stipend (400 or 500) per month afterwards for life! ;)

wast33 02-09-2013 11:07 AM

...that works for holodeck-zen. for tribble-zen i guess u already have to had bought something in z-store. when you then transfer your char to tribble you still will have all ships and such, but also the complete ammount of zen you purchased for holodeck ;). hope i'm not wrong, worked for me.

deyvad 02-09-2013 11:10 AM

There are no free lunch.


If you work for it, you may get a free lunch, but you'll need to pay for it by giving out information, IF you qualify.

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