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purvee1 02-09-2013 11:13 PM

Idea: Fleet small craft
So I was thinking (a dangerous pass time I know), and got an idea into my head, namley the concept of fleet small craft. First a disclaimer. I've not done much with small craft, and I'm a casual player, possibly slightly better than a rainbow warrior, but not by much. I'm approaching this from a "Wouldn't it be cool" stance.

So fleet small craft. Obviously the normal fleet bonuses of +10% shields and hull would be utterly pointless. So the two ideas I had were: Upgrade the BOFF slot to a Lt Cmdr or Commander level, and stick an extra weapon slot in. One up front for Fighters and Maybe one rear one for shuttles.

Now I do understand game balance, but am not sure if the above would screw it utterly (EG: Rear weapons slot holding a mine launcher), thats why I thought I'd throw the idea out there to see if someone could shed some views on it.

Other potential ideas could be Extra console slots, bonus defence or even the Inate abilities upgraded to Tier III version.

Obtaining, now the obvious place is a Tier I fleet yard, but the idea of a ship module for a small craft just isn't going to go down well. So maybe a Cheaper small ship module (Say 10 Zen, just to use up all that annoying spare change from specail deals I think I currently have 16 spare), or just leave it as fleet credit, but obviously not the 200K of a normal fleet ship.

So your thoughts?

selraxxx 02-10-2013 07:57 AM

A Fleet shuttle of Fleet yacht maybe ? Maybe a fleet racer for "tour the universe"? :D

Something sporty.

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