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qinnux 02-11-2013 09:13 PM

set gear upgrades
iv seen that all the XI (like jemhadar/ reman) got XII versions.

Then i saw hints that they use loby crystals - lots of them.

Are all the sets upgradeable with those? i mean.. u get random amount , max 5 from the oxes. 125 zen per box / 11375 dilithium (2 days).

one set was 150 lobi thats a minimum of 3750 zen - most likely around 4.5k and thats 409500 dilithium... (52 days!!!!!).

Not to mention some of the stuff at lobi shop... 800 crystal... 20000 zen minimum.... 20k!!!!! or 1820000 dilithium (228 days min most likely 300 or so).

i first thought all the limits and insane dilithium requirements were bad... this is even worse. I don't see how f2p lvl 50-s would stay playing... its even too much for p2w players.

any good set that does not need insane amounts of zen and dil (not planning to farm dil for 3 months just to get 1/10th of my gear)?

scurry5 02-11-2013 09:31 PM

Not exactly. Only Jem'Hadar (Space and Ground) and Tholian (Ground only) are obtained at Mk XI and upgradeable to Mk XII using Lobi. All others are either obtainable through a mix of marks and dilithium (KHG, MACO, Omega, Romulan, Reman) and come as whatever mark you select, including Mk XII, or are only available as Mk XI (Aegis, Breen) and cannot be upgraded.

Also, lockboxes give a minimum of 4 crystals, and can give a lot more; I did get a 50 crystal box once, but those can't happen often. However, I do get 6-10 crystals on a fairly regular basis.

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