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bmoviequeen 02-12-2013 11:28 AM

3 Captains looking for a fleet
We are 3 experienced Captains looking for a small to mid sized established fleet with plenty of active players & contributers. Preferably Tier 3 or above.
Would like a casual, relaxed and friendly environment where rules are few n fair and voice comms are not mandatory or required.
We also would like a fleet where there are opportunities for promotions to high ranks.

We are tactical captains, 2 of us with science alts. Very experienced in Elite Space STF's and fleet missions. However we do lack in ground experience, it isn't our strong point but are willing to learn. We don't partake in serious PvP however interfleet PvP for fun is always welcome.
We are friendly and like to help others when we can.

Have extensive knowledge on the Doff system and assignments, as well as character and ship builds. We are good contributers and like to earn our keep.
We are a valuable asset to any fleet and very loyal and commited.

As you can understand we all have real life obligations and these come first, however we always aim to do our best and are as active as possible with game time varying between 12-25 hours per week.
Time zone - GMT

All 3 of us are Lifers.

Would like a trial run before commiting fully to any fleet as we would like to be 100% sure that we are making the right decision.

If you think you are the fleet for us please mail us with information @bpharma, @bmovie queen or @mrsinister82

rdm1958 02-12-2013 11:37 AM

my advice; take your time and shop around, including checking out my signature.

pokersmith1 02-12-2013 11:42 AM

Hello! We are the Elite Defense Starfleet (fed) and Elite Defense Stovokor (kdf). We usually have around 10-20 active fed members and 4-8 active kdf members at a time. Currently We have a t4 federation starbase and t2 embassy and t3 klingon starbase and t1 embassy, and progressing forward by the day. We are largely a PvE (STF) fleet, but we also have quite a few PvP enthusiasts. Either way, members are not forced to choose one over another. We are quite casual :)

If you like, please check us out at
If you have any queries, you can reach me at @pokersmith1.


kiethblacklion 02-12-2013 01:22 PM

Hi there,

I'm KiethBlackLion, the recruiting officer for the Galactic Guards. We are currently a small fleet, however we are working towards building our member numbers.

We are a pretty casual group and our members are on throughout the day. We try to promote an atmosphere of teamwork and comraderie, with a strong emphasis on helping each other out with fleet actions and STFs. We currently do not have weekly fleet meetings for our members to attend and we do not require voice comm (though you may use it if you wish). Our starbase just reached Tier 2 and we are all actively contributing in order to complete the upgrades.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me in game @KiethBlackLion.

Thank you.


admiralcarter 02-13-2013 02:22 AM

You might want to take a look at the 3rd Fleet


mattjohnsonva 02-13-2013 03:13 AM

Interesting post, never seen one with 3 people applying together.

A few points:

You are unlikely to find a small fleet on Tier 3, there are some but not many, guess it depends what you mean by small.

You are looking for high ranking positions quickly, do you think they should not be earnt over time and contributions?

You are looking for a trial run. If you join a fleet and don't like it you just leave, what's this trial run business all about, you expect to be given access to fleet stores on entry and if you don't get it you will leave?

Excuse my suspicions but your OP seemed a little unusual to me.

In any case SRS is probably too big for you guys and all our top spots except one are filled.


bmoviequeen 02-13-2013 05:48 AM

The reason there are 3 of us, is because we are good friends and are an excellent team so we would like to stay together.
We think promotions should be earnt over time, and based not only on contributions but what people bring to the fleet, regular activity on the website/forums, helping others out etc.

we are not looking for a quick promotion and not looking for access to fleet stores or banks on entry. That will be for Fleet Admirals to decide. We could buy fleet gear etc for ec's from pretty much any fleet if we wanted to. You wouldn't go into a job where there was no prospects for promotion would you? Especially if you invest a lot of time and effort into it and do your best. I'm sure that makes sense to anyone.

We are pretty insulted that you consider this post 'unusual' I guess you just don't get many genuine people anymore.

With a trial run we thought it would give both us and the fleet the chance to decide if we are right for them and vice versa.

bpharma 02-13-2013 09:31 AM

Just thought I should pipe up a little and say that the three of us ARE a small fleet currently undertaking the T3 upgrade. With costs mounting in terms of dilithium, fleet marks and the embassy having been added, we are coming to the realisation that we can't do it between just the three of us. We would have to grind fleet marks and dilithium across multiple toons all day which is not fun if it goes on for months on end with little improvement.

2 of us are admirals (the creators of the fleet) and I earned my vice admiral rank through trust, cooperation and contributing not only resources to the fleet, but taking an active role (before promotion) with the other admirals in the running and structuring of the fleet, which is fair to all members. As it is we don't want to be in a fleet where we will be a nobody, it would be a waste of our experience and abilities and we have more than just resources to contribute.

If you have any concerns over whether we are genuine we could always let you have a peek at our banks, holdings and leader board where you will see all 3 of us have over 1.5 million in contributions each, (over 2 different characters in my case) with bmoviequeen being the star at 2.6 million (more if you count the alts).

franc275 02-13-2013 09:58 AM

Undertaking T3 Starbase
So if you have your own fleet, then why are you not just trying to expand that? I mean if I had worked hard at building a fleet even nearing T3, I would want to continue, even if it got difficult, in fact, if you 3 do find some other fleet to join, I would be more than happy to take your almost T3 fleet off your hands...

Forgive the suspicion from some, though there are very genuine players out there, there are just as many, if not more, trolls.

And I'm not sure contribution amounts really mean anything - I've contributed over 2.5M on one toon to 3 different fleets - In fact I'm surprised that your contribution amounts are as low as they are if there is only 3 of you, and you're nearing T3.

I currently belong to a large fleet - so I don't think you'd be interested, but again I'd be willing to take your fleet off your hands if you do choose to join another.

bpharma 02-13-2013 11:24 AM

We were a good 8-10 regular players but the first few days of season 7 put a lot of people off to the point where they didn't come back. They haven't left our fleet, they just haven't logged in for over 4 months, I would love for them to come back to STO and help again but the reality is that they most likely have moved on.

Last few recruits we've had were either bank raiders (who couldn't raid us) or have joined but who have logged in maybe once a week and not contributed. Thing is most people do not want to join small fleets or want to join a T4> fleet. Put simply we have given a hell of a lot to this fleet and it pains us a great deal to admit that we just can't do the massive grind anymore.

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