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delvok5 02-12-2013 11:46 AM

Hello I was wondering for help making a build (everything: wep, consoles, shields, devices, boff layout, etc) for a ody science ship but I will switch to a tac or eng ody I mostly do STFs I am a sci officer please help. Or a link to a build anything.

kronplah78 03-12-2013 04:55 PM

deianirrah 03-13-2013 04:32 AM (You should be able to select the different tabs on ship, character and skills)
I'd go with the Odyssey Tactical if it needs to be an Odyssey. Use one more Plasma Infuser, then.
Use rare/very Rare DOff-Technicians that decrease the cooldown on abilities when Aux2Bat is being used, Shield Distribution DOffs when Brace for Impact is being used and have energy settings of around 85/40/25/50. Use Aux2Bat, TacTeam1 and EPtW (perhaps EPtS instead) as often as possible. Watch what You can shoot at before using BeamFireatWill. Use broadsides and learn to place Your ship above or below large, slow (or stationary) targets so both the aft beam arrays and the torpedo launcher can shoot.

That being said - I'd personally advise against using the Odyssey Science as damage is what counts currently in STFs. Hence my skill advice offers some flexibility in case You'd change do something making more use of Science skills like Gravity Well (f.e.) on a different ship with more Tactical consoles - like the Vesta or, if it needs to be a cruiser, the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Refit (Excelsior) or the Assault Cruiser Refit (Sovereign), possibly in the Fleet version.

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