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wmcarson 02-15-2013 02:17 PM

Feature Request - In Game Emails from Devs/Patch Notes Button
The recent change to the Foundry Mission system has not only generated a lot of feedback on the forums, but it has also lead to a lot of confusion amongst the vast majority of the game's population, and in turn members of our Fleet.

How much of STO's population actually visits the website and/or forums? 20%? That number even seems high, although to be fair I don't have access to those numbers.

REQUEST - Would it be possible to have the Dev Team or Community Team utilize the in-game email system for important game announcements? Sure it will cut down on the 'hits' gets, but the amount of clarity such emails could provide would be well worth it.

Sending out emails would reduce a significant amount of confusion amongst the player base, plus it would cut down on the endless/repetitive Q&A session on zone chats ('Hey were do I find Q?')

The in-game email system could be used to announce the following:
  • Patch notes and planned server down time
  • Unplanned server maintenance/down time
  • Limited time events that have started, along with any special details (i.e. go visit Q at ESD outside of Admiral Quinn's Office)

REQUEST - along those same lines - can we get a direct hyper link to the latest patch notes on the actual launcher? I've noticed this feature on WOW and SWTOR and it has been very helpful. Every time my launcher patches i click that to see what it is all about.

When Season Seven launched there was a great news alert icon on our HUD that lite up. That was great! If email and a hyperlink on the option... maybe this feature can be utilized on a weekly basis with the 'prompt' automatically triggering people to read the info when they first log in.

Thanks for your time, and keep up on the awesome work on STO!

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