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damzelltrill 02-17-2013 08:31 PM

Two more traits to choose
While I currently have three levels to go before I can build a KDF character, I'm trying to plan her out some what ahead of time.

I know I want to use the Alien build feature to make a Chalchaj'qmey which is a Klingon/Romulan hybrid.

I compared the Klingon traits listed on the wiki, and the suggested Romulan traits on the How to: Make a Romulan thread here on the boards to see which traits they both had in common, which gave me: Stubborn, Accurate, Covert, and Soldier/Warrior.

I know I want Accurate and Covert, but I can't decide what other two traits to take. Kind of leaning towards Peak Health or Physical strength, which would give me two ground to one space trait...

So, any suggestions on what traits to use? I've been playing a Trill science officer and want something different.

bubblehead33 02-24-2013 09:09 PM

I'd say it sounds like you're really in it for the role playing aspect more than anything. So maybe make a back story for your character first, then when you are done with that I'm sure you'll have it all figured out.

kintisho 03-01-2013 02:48 PM

Im not an RP'er at all really but I made a back story for my fleet before I founded it! So a good story can go a long way for sure.

red01999 03-06-2013 06:02 AM

IMO, Covert isn't that great. Most of the time, the things you're sneaking up on you're going to have to shoot anyway, and sneaking up on them isn't going to produce that great of and advantage. The Stealth Module, if you're a tac captain, may be extra potent with this - it's the only thing I could think of that you'd really want with it, and that may let you avoid some fights altogether. Emphasis on "may," because it'll be a bit hard on missions with your BOffs, most likely.

Peak Health has saved my butt many times, and Soldier adds a nice, solid extra punch to your weapons. I think Peak Health at the very least is excellent for just about any toon, tank and non-tank alike, because it can give you that one extra shot of endurance that's the difference between leaving on foot and your phaser-burned butt beaming back to the respawn point.

You might want to consider a space trait instead of a ground trait for the fourth slot. Accurate is quite good, mind you, but it couldn't hurt to add another. In this case, avoid Techie (you lose out on too much unless you're a dedicated tank), and only get Astrophysicist if you're science or love science powers. Efficient Captain is also pretty lackluster IMO, but some like it. As I understand it many eons ago it used to be better, so it's common among some of the older toons that had a chance to pick it up.

Only get Physical Strength if you're interested in melee combat, because that's the only time it will help. Melee combat DOES happen, and you can sometimes help determine when it does happen (e.g. charging the enemy with a melee weapon instead of shooting it out), but it's less common than ranged damage.

Also remember you do NOT get the Klingon racial traits of Warrior (Soldier plus melee bonuses, IIRC) and Honorable (I forget what precisely it does, other than boosting your Threat). IMO these are not huge sacrifices, but you mentioned Soldier/Warrior, so I thought you ought to be aware of that, at the very least.

Just some thoughts you might want to consider. You may also want to cross-reference it because it's been a while since I picked out traits.

futurepastnow 03-08-2013 10:12 AM

Well, I made a half Klingon, half Trill (seems to me there should be a few of those by now).

Soldier and Physical Strength are the closest you can come to duplicating Warrior; I took those with Accurate and Elusive.

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