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cptskeeteruk 02-20-2013 12:51 AM

Combine all reputation marks into a single currency?
Just an idea like but to avoid the whole "too many currencies" issue again like before, well ok we still will have it imo but, have you thought about combining omega and romulan marks into just "reputation marks" which can be used on any rep system. As i hear it, the rep system will get at least 3 more rep systems in and i can just see the ui for your assets being even more limited where it shows omega and rom marks amounts amongst other things.

Also a unified rep marks system would do away with the whole you must do this for this rep or that rep or the other rep system. Think of it like the whole merits or whatever they were before dilithium. Too many currencies didnt work then, so im figuring too many diff rep marks will not work now.

You already have ppl complaining about lack of romulan marks, if you add more rep systems you will find even more ppl complaining because they are being forced to do yet more content that only rewards certain marks which will mean for the player they cant get marks for one or the other rep systems. Maybe its by design you dont want all rep systems to be done at the same time but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Btw got flu and just got up so if i didnt make too much sense i apologize.

delsaberedux 02-20-2013 01:24 AM

I prefer the idea of a converter for Reputation and Fleet Marks, either as Reputation/Fleet projects or as DOFF assignments like the CXP converter. We can already convert Reputation Marks into Dilithium, so this feels like a natural step.

Maybe this is better posted as its own Proposal thread, but whatever, I'll just dump it here first.

It doesn't even have to be a 1:1 conversion to be useful. Even if it's 5 Romulan Marks to 1 Omega Mark or vice-versa, that would help me a lot.

For Fleets, the same converter for Rep Marks to Fleet Marks would help everyone, small and large. For solo players, being able to exchange Fleet Marks to Rep Marks would be a nice bonus for folks who are never going to use those Fleet Marks anyway. If a cynical appeal to the "bottom line" is needed: more Marks opening up Reputation store options, more chances for Dilithium spending, more potential for Zen purchases for currency trading.

Sooner or later, players pushing hard into Reputations or even Fleets will find themselves with leftover resources just sitting there in their Assets tab doing nothing. Being able to convert Marks puts those resources to good use, and in the long run, might keep people from vacating zones like New Romulus and Defera once they got all the toys they want from those two Rep stores.

If there needs to be some kind of in-universe explanation... I dunno, maybe the New Romulus people have been talking to the Omega people and they all really like how helpful you've been, spreading cheer throughout the universe. We're all in this together, if you've read the Book of G'Kar lately.

stirling191 02-20-2013 04:57 AM

Considering one of the original stated purposes of dilithium was to get rid of ten different types of currencies, there shouldn't even be different kinds of marks.

Convert all mark costs to reasonable dilithium equivalents. Remove daily refinement cap. Problem solved, players can now play what they like and make progress where they like without being pigeonholed.

zerobang 02-20-2013 05:18 AM

the problem is, they want to introduce more reputation systems over time, and they want us to "play" (grind) through it every time.

if we can use the Romulan marks that we got from months of Eppoh Tagging when the next one comes... then we will have no reason to play the new content.

condensing all the marks WILL happen ... one day ...but only AFTER they are done with producing more Reputation Systems and after the Inventory Currencies tab has a list as long as the old one.

So... give it a year or two, maybe 3.

...or they might scrap the whole currency approach again and revamp all of the economy.

Cryptic loves remaking working systems, just for the heck of it, so even if people would love it and it would work perfect they would revamp it at some point anyway.

Of course in the conversion you will loose 75% of your purchasing power as well and they wouldn't tell you or let the cat out of the bag until 2 days before the patch. You know, like the last 2 times.

Thats just how they roll.

naevius 02-20-2013 05:28 AM

If I put on my business hat and look at this from Cryptic's point of view, I would never ever combine the marks. It defeats the entire purpose of them, since people would find the easiest ones to earn and just convert.

And the old currencies were not revamped just because there were too many of them, but because they were pointless from the point of view of the new revenue model.

Likewise, the refining cap won't be raised (at least not significantly.)

molaigh 02-20-2013 07:00 AM

No. It's reputation. The Romulans don't care that you've helped Omega. I'd rather see a more in depth system (something akin to the old elder scrolls rep system) wherein working for on faction has consequences (positive or negative) with the other factions. This would require a much more robust system with multiple factions, however.

kyias1 02-20-2013 07:23 AM

First, I would like to reference a previous thread that asked this same question:

I only link it because I felt there were some good factual posts both for and against unified marks in this thread. After reading through them again I can see why people would not want unified marks and I can agree with their position.

If there was endgame content provided with the faction reputation system to support these new currency types that would be fine. As it stands however only Borg related content has available STF's for significant mark gains and fleet marks are on the complete opposite of that spectrum.

If we are going to get content to effectively obtain marks that is great. If things will remain status quo then unified marks really wouldn't be such a bad idea.

snoggymack22 02-20-2013 07:29 AM

Combine them all into ...


sirsitsalot 02-20-2013 08:03 AM

I do not believe that combining all marks into one mark is the right wat to go... The New Romulus progression and Omega progression are designed around specific themes that it only makes sense to keep the progression measurements separate.

Cost of Tier progression in reputation are realistic for a solo player to accomplish. It's still a grindfest, but even after just an hour of doing whatever and contributing the marks, you get to see your progress bar move closer to the next "ding". The Fleet Holding grindfests are a different matter entirely and fleet mark rewards are not good enough that a single member of a fleet can feel like he's accomplishing ANYTHING.

Now once a reputation progression is completed, the missions are still do-able and the reputation marks are still earnable, even after you've got pretty much all you want with it. At this point, or even before if an individual so desires, reputation marks could be converted to fleet marks at a ratio of 5RMs to 1FM. I say 5RMs because it take five players to form a fleet at its minimum requirement. And reputation marks are essentially solo-oriented, at least in terms of how Romulan Marks are earned. I don't run the Omega reputation because I am sick to death of the Borg in Star Trek in general and am not in any hurry to grind against them in STO. So with my experience of reputation marks being solo-oriented and five players needed to form a fleet, it makes sense to require 5 reputation marks of any kind to obtain one fleet mark.

It would extend the longevity of the Reputation content if this could be done.

cptvanor 02-20-2013 08:12 AM


Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk (Post 8196091)
if you add more rep systems you will find even more ppl complaining because they are being forced to do yet more content that only rewards certain marks

First off, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. Second, earning marks that can be used for any of the reps makes no sense lore/IC wise. Helping out New Rom should not make me better liked by Omega.

The Rep system, like the SB system is intended to take a long time to grind your way though. It's not something that they want people finishing in 2-3 weeks.


Maybe its by design you dont want all rep systems to be done at the same time but is that a good thing or a bad thing?
They want people to do the stuff they produce for that given rep. Allowing people to keep grinding elite STF's to reach T5 for Faction X defeats the whole point of the system.

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