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vegeta50024 02-20-2013 08:05 PM

vegeta50024's foundry mission list
Hey guys, this spot is going to be where I'm going to list my foundry missions. As of now I only have one mission, but I do have another series planned that's based on a sim I'm doing for one of the ships in my Star Trek RP club. I will try to update this as often as I can.

Mirror Invasion
Part one: Friend or Foe?

Author: @gamerboy100
Language: English
Level: 31+
Faction: Starfleet

Synopsis: In the wake of what looks like a new invasion by the Terrans, a mysterious new player in the known mirror universe arrives. Are they an ally, or do they pose a threat like the Terrans do for the Federation?

Part two: TBA
I'm was planning on making part two deal with the Klingons, and bring them into the fold, possibly involving an encounter with the alliance to convince them of it. Will provide more information in the future.

Part three: TBA
This portion will possibly be involving New Romulus. I haven't thought that far ahead, but as I finish the Romulan reputation system, it might give me more of an idea on where to take things.

Not sure how many parts I'm going to make this, but my target is a 7 episode arc. As I said, things will change as I progress with the story, so we'll see what happens.

vegeta50024 04-06-2013 01:08 AM

I'll be breaking ground on Part 2 as soon as I finish developing my entry for the foundry challenge. If you guys have any ideas on what I can do to further improve part one, please feel free to send me an in-game e-mail @gamerboy100.

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