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dharmalogic 02-21-2013 11:52 PM

Small Craft Wings as Playable Ships
I had this idea, and I didn't know where was best to post it, but it's feedback.

We already have photonic fleets, ship pets (like the saucer), carriers that launch fighters and BoPs etc.

I would love to see:

Tholian Mesh weavers. The player would pilot one, and it would have 2 respawnable wing mates. Their total strength wouldn't be higher then piloting a single ship, and their special advantage (other then the mesh defense wall they put up) would be that they can attack from multiple vectors.

Another idea would be Chokotay's Maquis Attack ship, which could have two wing men. I've heard the rumors about future Admiral levels allowing a player to control fleets of ships rather then just their own, but I like the idea of small craft as an attack wing being playable. I think they are feasible while still be balanced to other vessels in the game.

You could even have a Peragrin Fighter wing as a playable 'ship'. The possibilities are endless while still staying in line with Star Trek cannon.

I especially like the idea of piloting a wing of mesh weavers!

So comment away, perhaps other players have ideas that could be added this concept.

And Dev team, I LOVE my Orb Weaver. Just wish I had an actual Tholian Piloting it, (But then, i'd spend all my time blowing up Feds and Klinks :P)

squishkin 02-21-2013 11:54 PM

Are you sort of suggesting that rather than having one ship (say a T5 cruiser), you'd have say 3-4 smallcraft instead, of which you pilot one and the others... just sort of follow you around?

It's a pretty fascinating idea... though I'm not sure the fighter AI is really good enough for it and I can see some issues with how you'd spawn the fighters.

lter 02-22-2013 12:39 AM

What I'd really would like, for a possible future Star Trek MMO, its sharing a single ship (lets say guild = crew of one starship) and in this ship, some players can fly smalcraft, leaving from the suttle bay and docking again in real-time...

Uhuhu, something like Star Citizen i'ts gonna be y'know... :o

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