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markusbarak 02-22-2013 07:33 AM

Kumari Build
The build below I tested out in several STFs and FFAs to determine peak DPS and average DPS. I am normally an Assualt Cruiser person however I get 6000+ DPS out of them. So I would enjoy feedback from those more into escorts so that I can tweak the build and improve upon.

This is not a PVP build but PVE.

Due to the lack of tanking ability I choose to use the XII Borg space set to improve survivability. The built in tractor beam also allows me to hold in place more manueverable targets once every 3 mins as well as adding to the hull damage.

Fwd Guns:

Quad Phaser
2 MK XII Fleet DHCs *CtH*
Wing Cannon
Fleet Quantum *CtH*

Aft Guns:
Cutting Beam
Fleet Turret *CtH*

Weapons Bats and Subspace field modulator

Eng Consoles:
Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, One of 3 Kumari Consoles

Sci Consoles: The other Kumari Consoles

Tac: *currently*
4 Phaser Consoles *one XII blue the others XI blue*
1 Quantum Console *XI Purple*

BO Layout:

Lt Sci: HE TSS
Cmdr Tac: CRFIII, HYIII, APD, Tac Team
Lcdr Tac: APO, CSVI, Tac Team
EN Eng: EPtS

Doffs *All Purple*
1% to strip 3 buffs on a target
2 of the reduce AP cooldowns
2 of the chance to reduce Cannon cooldowns

In testing I was able to get up to 8300 DPS peak averaged about 5900dps highest shot I was able to get was a 30k hit from the overloaded cannon. Something else that is very nice. If you get a sci guy to gravwell a large group and then hit them with an overload you are going to do a ton of damage spreadout. The extra tank provided from the borg space set made up for the lack of tanking Boff spots. I was able to scoot out of a fight and recharge my shields very quickly and get back into a fight.

blakes7tvseries 02-22-2013 08:25 AM

Can you provide a screen shot during a STF of the damage ticks.

snoggymack22 02-22-2013 08:56 AM

I've already dropped the Tactical Kumari console and just run the cannon buddies and the tachyon shield melter because the 3 piece bonus isn't really helpful. But the two piece bonus is bananas.

markusbarak 02-22-2013 08:58 AM

Here is the combat Data. I think this was an FFA.

13:02:21:16:33:59.3 SPACE PvE
[GIVER] "Markus Barak"
[TYPE] !AllDamage
---------- RAW DAMAGE ----------
MIN: 0
MAX: 21664
AVG: 1553
DPS: 5992 (8383peak)
---------- NET DAMAGE ----------
MIN: 0
MAX: 38628
AVG: 998
DPS: 3851 (5423peak)
RATE: 3.86 per sec
EVENTS: 1821
<<Total Time: 7.87 Minutes>>

13:02:21:16:33:59.3 SPACE PvE
[GIVER] "!All!Players"
[TYPE] !AllDamage
---------- NET TOTAL DAMAGE ----------
38.4% 1356460 Markus Barak
20.7% 729708 Danutz
18.4% 649264 Tarh Vue
10.4% 367249 Max
4.7% 165552 Jason
2.2% 79298 Danutz:Advanced Delta Flyer
2.0% 69994 Max:Danube Runabout
1.9% 67767 Danutz:Advanced Peregrine Fighter
0.9% 30072 Tarh Vue:Brigand Cruiser
0.4% 14370 Max:Plasma Energy Bolt
0.0% 134 Tarh Vue:Kolari
<<Total Time: 7.87 Minutes>>

amaresh1 02-22-2013 09:07 AM

Can you get more DPS by replacing the turret on the back with the Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Array? I have not tried it but I am thinking about it.

markusbarak 02-22-2013 09:30 AM

I have never been a fan of mixing weapons types. At the same time the turret benifits from the CRF and CSV a beam would not. Also you miss out on being about to add the turret to your forward fire. I have however considered adding a torp to the back. Either the cluster mine torp or if it will go in the back the wide angle torp pretty sure thats a foward only torp.

mandoknight89 02-22-2013 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by amaresh1 (Post 8253751)
Can you get more DPS by replacing the turret on the back with the Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Array? I have not tried it but I am thinking about it.

Because of the beam's targeting angle (standard 250'), you would lose all of that slot's DPS while attacking with your cannons.

regnilo01 02-22-2013 10:44 AM

How does one use the Phaser Dispersal Array? I don't get it

markusbarak 02-22-2013 10:51 AM

If anyone is interested I have 2 builds for both the Fleet excel and the Assualt refit that get very good DPS for cruisers. The Excel is based on a plasma build and single point DPS over AOE. With that I have gotton BOIII hits for 60k. The Assualt cruiser build uses spiral disrupters and a combination of FAW and BOs. Each setup nets about 6000 peak raw DPS.

vyperwoo 02-22-2013 06:24 PM

I bet you would get more dps if you dropped that torpedo console and got another phaser console.

Why add 30% damage to 1 weapon when you can add it to 5?

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