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darkkindness2 02-23-2013 07:03 PM

[Bug Report] Andorian Ship Appearance Options
I purchased the Andorian Escort 3-pack today, and customized my Charal to have the same look as the Khyzon's base appearance. However, when I went to look at changing it back, the only Template option that I have on the basic customization menu is the Andorian Charal but, when clicked on, it does not change any aspect of the ship's appearance. I have access to all of the parts and patterns in the Advanced customization tab, but no way of knowing which ones to use to reassemble the default Charal look if I want it.

If other ships are any indication, I should have access to all three skins as Template options on the basic customization menu, and clicking them should set the ship to the default appearance for that template, which does not happen.

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