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kirk2390 02-24-2013 09:07 AM

Report DOFF Bug's
1. When trying to place Doff's into the ground or space slots it doesn't work.
2. I tried double click it won't work and I tried click and hold and move to it and release it doesn't work either.

3. Also a lot off DOFF missions are set unlocked but when clicking on it you can select only one or none DOFFS in that particular mission .
4. Also most DOFF missions fail even when selected very good ods they still fail the mission.

And realy there are another bunch off failures or bugs in the system just hear about it did not see it yet maybe someone else who knows more post here please ??

elandarksky 02-24-2013 09:57 AM

1/2) To assign you dont 'drag' or 'double-click' there is a button called 'Put on Active Duty'

3) in dont understand what you mean about doff missions being "locked" please try and explain :)

4) Its a matter of chance,
If you are using white quality doffs, expect failure, even with good traits, green is better but still fairly high fail chance, blue and purple are not guarenteed to work, but most often will be a win

Just to elaborate on it being a matter of chance, i once had 18/100 crew (all blue/purple) in sickbay at a given time, due to terrible luck. Nearly 1/5 of my doff roster in sickbay.. yeah XD

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