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ltdansot 02-24-2013 10:19 AM

questions, queries and ponderings
I've been playing for a month-ish now. I started with the F2P and bought a sub. I really like the game and I am a huge Trek fan. But I have a couple questions about some idiosyncrasies and I am curious if there is some history to explain them.

1) Why does the Exchange not have more search filters? Such as being able to search for doffs and specify the attributes you want as well as sort out the Klingon-only doffs when searching from the Federation side and visa-versa?

2) Why do some windows close others? I notice when assigning doffs I sometimes want to be at the exchange so I can grab ones to fit the assignment. If I open the replicator, it closes the Exchange. If I am assigning doffs through the department heads, opening the replicator closes the department heads assignment tab.

3) Why is being unruly and stubborn ever a bad attribute for a Klingon? (just kidding there)

Thanks for your time!

ltdansot 02-24-2013 10:27 AM

Oh, another two. Why can you sort bank and inventory but not account bank? Why is there an option to open either Bank or Account Bank but bank gives access to both?

edit: someone in my fleet wanted me to ask why opening doff department heads in sector space stops your ship

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