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tribbleorlfl 02-25-2013 04:49 PM

energy weapon office- cannon variant
Hi, back when the the Reinforcements pack was live, I was flying an oddy, thus the cannon variant doff available in the pack never interested me. The beam variant obviously did, but I was never able to obtain one.

Now, I'm flying an armitage w/ dhc's and loving it. I was selling some extra doffs last night when I remembered the cannon variant doffs. I tried looking for more info on them, but only found posts about the tooltip discrepancy.

1) Is there a listing of these doffs out there so I can search by name as opposed to looking through 400 individual doffs for the right active roster power?

2) How exactly does the proc work? Do they stack, or are they impacted by other doff cd's (ie technician bo power cooldown via auxtobat.)

3) Are they even worth getting? I only have one cannon ability loaded (rp1). I currently have 2 purple flight deck doffs, 1 purple conn officer (for tac team reduction), 1 purple dmg control (for eng team cd) and 1 purple technician. I was thinking about doing away with oone of the flight deck doffs for a cannon variant, but now am wondering if the best solition overall is to just throw on 3 technicians.


deusemperor 02-25-2013 06:41 PM

1) IDK I just searched and read if they effected cannon cooldown.

2) Right now you fire the ability it has a 50% chance to reduce cooldown per purple doff. You can stack 3 of them. I've not tested them with technicians. (I've tested hamlet with 3 technicians and they stack so probably same with cannons.)

3) Technicians only work with the ability Aux to Battery, and they are pretty good for reducing cooldown. I've found that 3 technicians are really good with running two dual aux to battery, and a real good replacement for tacteam doff, damage control, and cannon doffs.

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