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epicninja2 02-26-2013 07:31 PM

Tanking build
Hello everyone. I am trying out new skill layout for my Fed Tactical officer. I've been trying to find something on the STO forums and the skill planner from the site and couldn't find much. I do switch between Cruisers and Escorts for Space STF's and use the Adapted MACO Mk XII ground set and would like a skill layout where I can quickly kill off the enemy and survive throughout the STF. Any ideas or layouts I can possibly use? Any layouts from the stoacademy site would help out. Thanks for the help.

baudl 02-27-2013 02:38 AM

little confused what you mean with the ground you want a tactical build for space or ground?
both tanking or multi use for escorts or cruisers?

tanking on ground with a tac you probably want the squadleader kit...and the coresponding skill for it in the skilltree.
But normaly the best class for tanking on ground is the science career with a heal kit. If you even need one which is doubtfull. Only real stf encounter that needs a "tank" is cure ground since armek would otherwise use his superzapper to kill the grp.

For space tanking you should be able to find plenty of tanking builds. If you are not interested in skilling threat control thats not even a problem anymore, since the emabssy console have +threat modifiers that can compensate.
Ironicly, the best tanking skill is tactical team 1, which should be ready in any serious tanking skill atleast every 20 seconds. No matter how this is accomplished, be through the DOFFs, or a Aux2Batt build or simply having 2 copies doesn't matter. 2 versions of EPtS chained, TSS, HE, AUX2SIF and RSP are enough usually to withstand anything elite stfs can throw at you.

epicninja2 02-27-2013 05:04 AM

Sorry for the confusion there. As for ground STF's I use the Adapted MACO Mk XII set with the Mk XII fire team kit. As for Space STF's I switch between the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Cruiser for the Hive Space STF, the Mirror Patrol Escort for Infected Space and the Breen Chel Gret Warship for both Khitomer Vortex and The Cure Found STF's.

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