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emoejoe 02-26-2013 11:28 PM

Pro Tip: Marion Frances Dulmur And Beam Overload
Hi you might remember me from cracked planetoid or solar wind, where u died in one shot and asked yourself what happened.

Welp, not to beat a dead horse as it were, but the fruitfulness of my newly discovered combo merits high praise and discussion.

The key ingredient being Marion Frances Dulmur temporal systems engineer purple doff. His special power reads as "8 seconds -200 energy drain resist".

This effectively reduces the drain from firing one beam overload 3 from 50 to 10 power loss.

Sequentially preparing multiple different level copies of beam overload in advance lets you hit for 3 beam overloads i within this 8 seconds. With minimal power loss.

A specific combat log for a sequentially fired bo2>bo3>bo3 without marion/ dem looks like this after multiple tests with no buffs.

12k bo2
(power to 75)
10kbo3 bo3
(power to 25)
5k bo3

Showing the uselessness of simultaneously drainign all of your power, mind u this is with spec in electroplasma and one eps console. At any rate with marion/dem u have minimal dps loss over the 3 shots.

12k bo2
(power to 115)
14k bo3
(power to 105)
13k bo3

Waiting but a second between gives you your power back, but i try to fire them off as fast as possible so that the shields are down when my hy q torps hit.

In fact this combo is so effective at instant damage, i opted now for two dual beam banks, and i fire the first bo2/bo3 simultaneously.

Anyone who has experienced this on either end in game will not quip about the usefulness of this combo.

So to reiterate, get urself dem (any level) and marion frances dulmur, two different copies of beam overload, and go to town.

gg gl hf

maicake716 02-27-2013 12:12 AM

Funny thing is this has been around for a while, and its only after the tric nerf do you find it lol

sander233 02-27-2013 12:17 AM

Welcome to the club of approximately everyone who already knows and loves Marion.

sophlogimo 02-27-2013 12:28 AM

Sadly, there is really only this one Doff that does that, and only the purple version. No Green, Blue, or white ones.

khayuung 02-27-2013 12:52 AM

I love Marion, and I'm glad he was dirt cheap compared to Gariff a long time ago. (I eventually got both agents)

Now the problem I had with him was I could only fire off 1 BO within the 8 seconds. I didn't have the tac slots to have another slotted up, but I can see how you'd use the 1 BO to fire twice within a few seconds.

naevius 02-27-2013 09:48 AM

And where does Marion Frances Dulmur come from, other than the exchange?

(Not sure this beats Thissler's BO3 + HYT3 combo in any case...)

EDIT: I suppose you could squeeze BO3,BO2,HYT3 in

redricky 02-27-2013 09:56 AM

Marion, or Nadi-lite as he is known in my head (get it, like Nadeon, but less, and it's like Natural Light which you know if you drink terrible beer), is from the temporal beacon doff missions.

A2B is the final protip because you can stack BO and HYT like you already can, but DEM comes up more often and instead of the 115/105 numbers you stay at 125+.

A question for those who know, what happens when you stack Marion? Do you get 16 seconds or 8 seconds of even more of the same?

antoniosalieri 02-27-2013 10:24 AM

Honestly another doff that should never have existed... and more proof that the doff system is a complete failure. :)

My real issue with this doff... is its part of the reason Engi is no longer a viable choice.

I used to do this exact same thing in my Engi scorts (in terms of drain on overload)... and it was the only reason to fly an engi. People used to wonder how my engi kept up with tacs on the score board... ya it was 2 copies of BOL 3 and nadion that everyone still says blows... even on an engi with only omega 3... I would hit 10k+ 3 times in a row. All well give it to the tacs right. ;)

Thanks to this stupid doff anyone can do the same thing helping to make engi obsolete.

Don't worry though Cryptic won't touch this or the other bunch of doffs that are almost pointless in PvE... they aim all this broken crap at PvPers and we lap it up like nice like marks. Every time we "discover" must have combos like these WE drive the price up on them and drive sales for Cryptic... funny thing is then we blame them for destryoing PvP balance.

bitemepwe 02-27-2013 10:39 AM

According to ACT when I recorded you yesterday in Ker'ret, emo joe, you hit an astounding 354 out 356 attacks with a 14% crit rate.

So how much did these boffs cost? (assuming they price jump after this thread).

mimey2 02-27-2013 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by redricky (Post 8339371)
A question for those who know, what happens when you stack Marion? Do you get 16 seconds or 8 seconds of even more of the same?

You get 8 seconds of more drain resistance. I've tested out 3 before, using 3 DHCs, 4 turrets, a DBB using BO 3 all firing at once while using that and my power barely nudged down at all. If I used an Engineer's Nadion on top of that, my power didn't move, AT ALL.

But I am in the same boat as Antoniosalieri on this one. Back when they first came out, I made a thread on here talking about how I really didn't like how they basically made Nadion worthless because now everyone could use them. That thread was mostly ignored when I posted it. In my opinion these are almost, if not equally bad as SNB DOFFs.

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