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born2bwild1 02-27-2013 11:20 AM

My Fleet Excel got (bad word) over by the KDF today!
Ok so I go into a PUG arena as a Fed Eng in a Fleet Excel - normally any pvp is with my KDF fleet but I thought I would try out the Fed Character. I am not a big pvper anyways - just starting out.

Well lets just say it was mostly me being attacked continously because the other 4 were gone 10 seconds after respawn.

I was facing almost continous fire from a Krenn Destroyer, 2 Fleet Hoh'SuS, and a fleet Tor'kat - the 5th was a recluse but to slow to keep up. (it was a partial pre-made on the KDF side with 3 from the KDF German fleet)

Anyways the longest I could hold out was about 40 seconds under this firepower.

I need better BO layout for defense, but the other Feds were saying as Engineer I should be healing people - true but if you are going to blow up every 5 second how can healing you help?

So boff help(they are all Saurian with warp efficency)

Tac - TT1, TS2, BO3

Cmd eng - EPts1, ATB1, RSP2, AcB3(think I should ditch the Aceton)

lt eng - ET1, Eptw2

ens eng - ET1

Lt Sci - HE1, PH2

Gear is MACO M12 sheild, Borg, eng, deflector

Eng - Assim mod, tach convertor M11 Neut, M11 Mono

Sci - 2 x M11 Field Gen

Any changes to increase survivablity?

Doffs - 2 purple cons for TT - 2 purple Tech - 1 purple warp core tech

mustafatennick 02-27-2013 11:38 AM

Under that sort of firepower you were lucky to outlast rsp

You need to be running at least 2 emergency power to shields and as an engineer you should be running the near godly EPTS3

Too many engineering teams they'll mess with your Tac team which is your first line of defence

Get rid of aceton beam whatever you think it's doing it isn't, literally any other power would be invaluable to you instead of being useless

AuxToStructural3 - every 15 seconds gives a massive damage resistance boost and a decent heal can be spammed when the timers up or used as and when this would give you added "tank"

EWP3 - fantastic crowd control and decent damage would really help defence but if you get in a decent team/pug can really help out

DEMIII - the only reason for running ATB and technicians(realistically) great for boosting crits and extra damage my personal favourite however won't help you In the survival department

ExtendShields3 - great for boosting others shields, doesn't really help you much though

A purple shield distibution doff will give you another heal for brace for impact which again can be a life saver

lordmalak1 02-27-2013 11:47 AM

Ya got an enhanced plasma manifold you can toss on as well as the MACO deflector ?

I also don't care for the tach convertor or M11 Neut, but thats your choice. The ablative is more spececialized than the neut but will give better protection vs phasers and disruptors (the main PvP weapons). I run ablatives and tetrabernium, and swap out mono and diberniums when needed.

ussultimatum 02-27-2013 12:47 PM

I encourage you to seek build advice to improve, and I like that your first thoughts were to improve as opposed to complaining about OP KDF or PvP, etc. :)

Once you get some build advice and test it out, I recommend you get your hands on the most powerful weapon in all of STO.

Friends! :P

I'm serious though.

No one ship is meant to realistically tank coordinated fire from several players at once, it's a team effort and it sounds like what you lacked the most was a good team. ;)

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