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mimey2 02-28-2013 01:25 AM

Kumari + Tachyon Burst + Tachyon Mines?
While normally using 3 consoles and the special weapon would generally be a bit useless in PvP, using the Wing Cannons with Tachyon Burst (especially if paired with the cannon platforms) followed by the Tachyon Mines out of the lobi store, and all together this could be an absolutely brutal shield stripping combination.

Add in Tetryon Glider on top of that, and any other shield stripping this thing could do, and even a hardened target could go down a LOT faster.

I could be totally wrong. I do know that I will be testing this out later, and would like people's opinions on it.

renimalt 02-28-2013 02:10 AM

The shield stripping alone would be painful, but don't forget about the shield damage resistance that the tachyon burst and mines apply.

From an earlier thread about the new tachyon burst's SDR debuff:

Using a common Regenerative Shield Array Mk X, with 96 shield power:
Base: 25.90% shield resist vs. phasers
With wing cannon tachyon burst debuff: 7.37%
With wing cannon + one wing cannon platform: 2.74%
With wing cannon + two wing cannon platforms: -2.12%
In addition, some testing today (thanks Yoda!) let us get some numbers for tachyon mines. I don't remember the exact values we tested, but this is the general idea of what we got.
A regular tachyon mine launch, if all mines hit, will cause a significant SDR debuff by itself, along the lines of the base Tachyon Burst debuff. (~15-20%?)
A DPB1 tach mine launch reduced SDR by about 30-40%.
A DPB3 tach mine launch reduced SDR by slightly more than 50%.

These SDR debuffs mean that recovering from the drains would be much harder -- a teammate might fire off a supercharged TSS3 and restore your shields, but they'd be gone in an instant. In addition, these debuffs last a significant amount of time (10s for the tachyon mines, 15s for the tachyon burst) -- a team could easily exploit this period of lowered SDR, if they're prepared for it.

havam 02-28-2013 09:28 AM

Am i the only one who thinks that it makes total sense to give the only player activated anti shield resist power to only one faction and on top of that to an escort? CPB?? TachBeam???

Serisouly Bort, don't want to be harsh, but if your team wouldn't screw up with their pew pew boom boom only perspective of the game. Large PvP map mod changes to sci skills and resists might not be necessary in the first place.

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