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nikkobrisbane 02-28-2013 05:30 PM

United Elite Defense Force is Recruiting
United Elite Defense Force is a 4 month old Level 11 Fleet. Currently T3 shipyard, T3 SB, T3 Engineering, and T2 science. We were founded on respect, team work and commitment. We are united as one big STO family. No matter if ur a newbie or a veteran, we could be for you. Our main focus is on PvE, PvP, Episodes, Dailies and Adventure zones (defera, Nukara and New romulus). We are also looking at intergrating RP into our fleet so we become a bit of everything.

We are looking for Active, fun, team players, social and just out going gamers. If u think this is u and u wanna give us a go. Contact me @nikkobrisbane. If im unavailable contact the fleet 1st officer @nateofborg6. U will not be disappointed :D

nikkobrisbane 03-06-2013 04:10 PM

United is still recruiting, we are an easy going fleet that rewards players with gear and other help to make u the best u can be.

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