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jaxina 03-01-2013 04:26 AM

Which Tribbles are usable for KDF Chars?

I know that the IDIC, Fleet and Mol'Rihan tribbles work for KDF Chars but which else?

I made a Triolic Tribble with a White One + Comet Cocktail but i can only "Pet" the tribble with my Orion Char, but its making this "dislike" sound, like in the TOS Episode, not giving me the Buff it has.

oldkhemaraa 03-01-2013 02:02 PM

its a story/lore artifact left over from the Original series "the trouble with tribble"

I recall when STO first came out KDF players noted this. Not all KDF faction characters have this problem. My Orion for example..They'll make rude noises but give the buffs/heals anyway.

KDF Faction asked a long time ago for something equivelent to the tribble but uniquely KDF, and several idea's were proposed [Targ Breeding comes to mind] but nothing ever happened with it.

At game launch there was no KDF PvE. None, Zero, didn't even exist nada, nix, and KDF rapidly were percieved (erroniously) to be over powered in PvP ground ((we had a melee weapon, Bat'leth.The UFP had no melee weapons at all)) Have someone run up with a mellee weapon and chop the snot out of one tended to take the starch's right out of ones gun. if you know what I mean. Note that at first Melee weapons utterly ignored personal shields. The flames on the forum were high and hot.

Today though it is something that could be taken another look at. Perhapes the idea of some sort of expendable, or what I always liked, a particular type of buffing ability due to a specific racial of a KDF specie. Personally, I think it would make a fantastic Lethean racial ability. Have a faction specie that provides the equivalent of a tribble buff would be interesting. Bear in mind that tribble buffs tend to be very minor anyway, so having a player power that can do the same thing would not likely unbalance the game in spite of what folks might think otherwise. And can only be applied when buffer and buffee are not in combat, much like tribbles themselves. Of course, a new faction could be added/created for the KDF for this.

tangolight 03-01-2013 02:27 PM

In general, I believe that any of the unique special tribbles that you can't breed normally are usable by KDF. ie: Tribbles from Tribble testing rewards or the C-Store.

(There may be exceptions though, I haven't tested them all.)

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