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diogene0 03-01-2013 04:02 PM

No Romulans in May: click and see why
As usual, a new teaser and a lot of excitement about a possible Romulan faction. But it won't happen in may and i'm almost 100% sure about that. Here is why:

I - Manpower/time issue.

What we know so far about season 8:

- 2 new tutorials to do.
- at least a featured episode series (5 episodes, which means 10-20 x 5 days of work according to an interview with Goatshark): 50 to 100 days. Since Sela will be in season 8 it's not even speculation.
- Nimbus III will be another New Romulus planet.
- Another space adventure zone.
- (anti)-Tholian reputation, which means 3-4 missions and that's a bare minimum. Missions will require a lot of work to brainstorm, build, balance, etc.
- a new character creator.
- pvp reputation. Maybe. This is huge. So much to do.
- a new lockbox. Come on, we all know it's coming.
- playable first officer?

So, even without any pvp rep, there's at least 4-5 months of work here. Which means that if they want to add a Romulan faction then they have 1 or 2 months to do it, and it would need playable ships, episodes, gear, a homeworld, costumes to sell, and so on.

II - Dan Stahl almost saying "no".


Dstahl: We are not ready to begin discussing the details of what is in our May update, however the reference definitely suggests that it is related to Romulans in some way. We will share more news about the update and give a clearer response to your question as we get closer to May.

Dstahl: We have always had a plan for how we wanted to implement additional factions and we have polls dating back to early in the game's life when we were looking to see which future factions players were most interested in. If and when we release a Romulan faction, you can expect that it would set the stage for how a Cardassian, Borg, or any other faction would be introduced into the game.
Of course, mainly for I -, a Romulan faction in May isn't realistic. Yes, the team size has increased, but it happened mostly prior to season 7, so they were probably very close to max content producing speed anyway. They already have a lot to do, especially with the new tutorials, the anti tholian reputation, and the featured episodes.

Now they might have been working on it for some time but still, there aren't enough assets in game for that. Season 8 sounds rather like a Romulan assets building season so that they can work on a faction later.

Now the only way I see them adding playable Romulans (and definitely not a Romulan faction) is with a playable first officer. Get one from your embassy, make it your first officer and tah-dah, you've got your Romulan character. It's the best they could do for season 8, most likely.

thutmosis85 03-01-2013 04:06 PM

After replacing "March beneath the Raptors Wings" with "Our shadow will dim the stars." it should be pretty obvious by now it's gonna be that Iconian Story Update they were talking about for X-months instead of a Romulan Faction about which they were talking about 0-months :P

tsurutafan01 03-01-2013 04:07 PM

I tend to agree that this season simply setting the stage for a faction being added in Season 9 seems more likely. Their own development comments in blogs lead to that direction of thinking.

None the less, if they surprise me... good.

thedoctorbluebox 03-01-2013 04:08 PM

I keep saying it, it's probably just Season 8 / and or the next FE.

The image on the front page confirms this, a bunch of romulan ships hiding. They are going to attack, it will be a great and fun FE, but that's all it is.

drkfrontiers 03-01-2013 04:08 PM

Perhaps the resources that were supposed to be building ships for the KDF were moved.

hypl 03-01-2013 04:09 PM

[insert DUR, IT COULD STILL BE ROMULANS response here]

I'm still puzzled about the first officer thing. What exactly do people want out of this? To play as their first officer? Doing what? I'd rather handle away missions with my own captain. Or maybe it's some "special" kind of missions with new mechanics and what not?

Or maybe make a new character with their first officer? What's the point? Just make another bloody character with the same name, race, and appearance!


thedoctorbluebox 03-01-2013 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 (Post 8386411)
I tend to agree that this season simply setting the stage for a faction being added in Season 9 seems more likely. Their own development comments in blogs lead to that direction of thinking.

None the less, if they surprise me... good.

Shoot, I don't see a faction coming till at least Season 12, IMO.

blakes7tvseries 03-01-2013 04:11 PM

One would think that listening to your customers would direct you towards profits.
By supplying a product that is demand would be important to making money.
I guess its best this way as maybe they know what we want.

thisisoverlord 03-01-2013 04:12 PM

How do we when they started working on a Romulan faction they could've working on it since last year, they certainly already have most of the assets required.

Unless we have some firm evidence as to their internal project time-frame and current progress I wouldn't be 100% sure nor would expect a Romulan faction.

What I do expect is bugs bugs bugs x)

deyvad 03-01-2013 04:13 PM

STF-like content but Romulan themed.
grindable, repeatable content.

Not a full faction.
Maybe a mini-faction.

will see soon enough, but I for one am not holding my breath

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