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jtoney3448 03-02-2013 10:28 AM

Andorian Wing Cannon bug, DMG lowered with CRF/CSV
Here is the stats on mine.
Andorian DHC - 2k dmg 1.3k dps.
Andorian DHC with CRF3 - 2.5k dmg 1.9k dps.
Andorian WC - 5.3k dmg 1.4k dps.
Andorian WC with CRF3 - 1.1k dmg, 2k dps.

jtoney3448 03-02-2013 10:39 AM

DHC - 2 shots 1127 each
DHC CRF3 - 2 shots 1058 each
WC - 1 shot 2200
WC CRF3 - 4 shots 400 each
Turret - 4 shots 200 each
Turret CRF3 - 4 shots 230 each

CRF doesnt increase the shots per pulse on DHC or turrets but does on WC. Unfortunatly the side effect is that WC hit like a damn turret. I suggest cryptic change WC to fire 2 not 4 pulses and have them do the same dmg per shot as a DHC. The current dmg doesnt reflect the "powerful" nature of these cannons.

aramyll 03-03-2013 09:50 AM

Aye ive been noticing that my Wing cannons damage drops between 65 to 85% when i use CRF or CSV. But yet DHC damage has a slight increase as well as the normal bonuses from CRF and CSV. Is this working as intended? Can anyone confirm if this has been happening since the release of the Andorian ship or was this added after the patch as a stealth nerf ?

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