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kidamar 03-03-2013 09:31 PM

Retrain Bug
So i retrained my captain skills and i cannot use Evasive manuevers now also my ground skills are completely bugged i just recently got my hypos back after a month of not being able to use them now after a retain i cannot even fire my weapons on the ground. There have been 2 patches and my issues have not been addressed how long will i have to wait before it gets fixed instead of a ticket telling me you are aware of the situation???? Thats only stating the obvious please fix this issue so i can have some fun shooting at klingons on the ground again. WHen i first started playing i was really excited becuase this game had fixes every week now its so buggy and there is a great deal of slack with the patches latly. New content causes bugs but no use ignoring a players problem for almost a mont now. Im not whining about how OP something is just the fact that i cannot use your ZEN ITEMS without bugs. Well i hope to hear more than we are aware of the situation and are looking into it. Results would be nice.

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