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qinnux 03-04-2013 01:49 PM

zen escort help
So im lookign towards a escort upgrade... still using mirror advanced escort.

Sicne fleet ships are still far away (2months mi to reach t3 shipyard), i gotta use up the 2.5k zen for a ship then.

Looked at the kumari class ships - but consoles werent that interesting (specially the wing cannon being phaser - and i specialize in polaron/phased polaron).

Besides the decent console slots - the boffs are utter crap.

I dont see what is there to use with 3 tactical boffs. i can barely find anything to use with 2 (and barely use half the skills available).

So charal boffs look somewhat "usable" - but console slots are wrong.
So im looking for:
4 tactical min
3 engineerign min.
1 science min.

And for boff layout :

I do not really have need for 2nd tactical, and as long as it has 1 engineer lieutenant, and 1 sci ltn the rest can be all science or engineers of any rank.

But 2nd tactical is a waste for my playstile. I do not use torpedos, dont like them (and dont tell me to use them). I dont PVP.

Im running a unusual build i currently like (yeah rebel!!! how can u do it!!!) using 4x DHC in front and 3x beam array back with rapid fire 3 and beam overload 3 (+ fire at will 1 currently) and works fine for me.

Tho the 5 front on kumari looks interesting (efficient engineer captain etc i can easily sustain near 100-125 weapon energy with 4 dhc).

Is there any opther non fleet escort thats similar (and like escorts due to the turn speed, dont like slow turning ships with bad tactical/weapon slots - else i would be in sci ships).

mustafatennick 03-04-2013 02:24 PM

Why 3 engineering over science? Science are much more useful

The mvae is great with good Boff layout and when split has superb mobility

qinnux 03-04-2013 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by mustafatennick (Post 8432421)
Why 3 engineering over science? Science are much more useful

The mvae is great with good Boff layout and when split has superb mobility

engineering for turn rate/ EPS

I cannot afford the extremely expensive shield % sci consoles really. Most other consoles for sci has almost no use for me.

Was lookign at mvae... looks like only other ship to consider (besides the impossible to get chimera that has perfect boff layout f or me :()

mandoknight89 03-04-2013 02:34 PM

You have access to a ship that fulfills your criteria, if you have a T1 Shipyard. It's called the Fleet Patrol Escort.

Alternatively, look at the Charal or Khyzon (Kumari variants), which more-or-less have the same officer layout as the Patrol Escort (unless you use the Lt. Universal on the Khyzon as a 2nd Lt. Sci). You aren't forced to use the Wing Cannon or the toy consoles.

Alternatively, the Armitage has a usually-wasted En. Tac, but is more-or-less the Engineering counterpart to the MVAE.

qinnux 03-04-2013 02:41 PM


they need to change the color of universal slot -_- it looked like a engineer to me...

Hoe about the consoles on andorian ships besides wing cannon - i see that they are only mainly to boost the wing cannons and useless without it?

zionlyth 03-04-2013 02:48 PM

By your own criteria, the Charal if your perfect escort.

It has:
4x eng consoles
2x science consoles
4x tact consoles

For boffs is only has 2 tact boffs in addition being able to carry both engineering and science lt boffs.

The console is probably the worse of the bunch, but hey you can just remove it. In addition please note that the the andorian ships are the only 10 console escort ships in the zen store. Unless you're going for one of the fleet ships, I really don't suggest buying any of the other zen escorts as they will simply be inferior.

Also please please consider the science version of the andorian ship. It uses a non phaser specific console that drains over 5k to each shield facing (with flow skill). It has the same boff layout as the Charal and the only difference is it switches the engineer console slots to science ones, but seeing as you'll probably have 2-3 universal slotted anyways it wont make a huge difference where they are put. You could easily run polaron on it while getting usefulness out of the console.

qinnux 03-04-2013 02:57 PM

hmm.. Do the consoles actually NEED the wing cannons or i can completely scrap them? considerign they are phasers , my tactical consoles wouldnt boost them.

zionlyth 03-04-2013 03:10 PM

Ahh... I guess I didn't read it correctly. To use the science will require you to spec for phasers too. So really, unless you want to go phaser, none of the consoles will be of any use to you.

millimidget 03-04-2013 05:07 PM

If you're already running beam arrays in the back, then you can find a way to use all the tactical boff slots on the Kumari.

I was looking at 5xDHC, 1xKCB, and 1x my choice for the Kumari, with 1xCSV1, 2xCRF2, 2xAPB2 and 2xTT1 on my commander and lt. commander boffs. I could easily slot a beam array in the back and use some subsystem targeting abilities for the remaining lieutenant.

qinnux 03-04-2013 05:37 PM

what makes it soo problematic is that beam overload, subsystem/ fire at will all share cooldowns.
tho with just 2 slots aft, beam arrays wouldnt be that effective anymore so.. most likely eya KCB and hmm turret would add too much energy drain (considering there is 5x dhc already).

Torps are useless sicne i havent taken any torp/mine skills and not gonna waste a socket for them (and torp dps would be worthless compared to kcb + 5x dhc on hull).

Perhaps a utility mine.. like tractor beam. Dont know of any other really.

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