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kirisee 03-07-2013 12:50 AM

bad desigh
Dear Devs...i love this please don't just blow off this post....branflakes....borticus and other Devs....there is alot of problems with game...please review all of the forum posts for these problems....somethings need to be worked on over the cost of some things related to to overall cost of the game to make it playable.

And ALL changes need to be posted in the patch notes each week...... I wiill not accept patches to my abilities or doffing or skills every week without a warning what your are doing to many of my 12 toons doffing goes, i will NOT accept the bad chances to do a doff normal mission as you have added into the game without you telling your user base what you have changed.... i love to doff but re constantly ruining doffing without putting anything in patch note....WHY?Y????????

Please explain the differences of the Doffing projects i am seeing atm..




skollulfr 03-07-2013 01:09 AM

patches happen. you play f2p knowing that.
you hope to what gods may be that the devs get the rebalances right if there's PvP, and that directors have their upper management decisions tempered by a well placed dilbert.

to my point,
the lolercoaster that came about because a misunderstood Q&A led people to think that DHCs where up for a nerf is exactly the kind of thisg that makes devs think
"lets just get on with our work rather than spend it clearing up 9000+ misunderstandings a day".

hevach 03-07-2013 06:52 AM

Nothing's been done to doffing chances. Sorry you failed a couple missions, but it hasn't been changed, there's always a failure chance unless there's no failure option at all, and my regular tallies are still well within expected. There's certainly some inconsistency across the system, and department distributions are really skewed, but assignment outcomes have been the pretty consistent element of the minigame for a long time, even in its oddities (i.e. missions without a fail option perform worse by matching success traits).

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