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Archived Post 01-12-2010 04:42 PM

Crash on start of STO
Hi, I have downloaded the game and on launch I just get a crash, nothing else. I do get the Cryptic Crash reporting thing and fill that in, but nothing.

I have checked all my drivers, I should be all set.

I have my DXDIag attached.

Archived Post 01-12-2010 06:24 PM

Solved! NetNanny uninstalled
OK, after much analysis, I uninstalled NetNanny 6.0 on the system and the problem was resolved. I did not try to add the application exe to the exception list in NetNanny. I may try that and see if I get things resolved.

Just FYI, if you do not get a login windows for STO, you may have something blocking the connection back to the server. Also, STO should get checked out with these applications that sit in the network access stack. I love filter driver collisions! :-)

Off to the update!

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