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fovrel 03-10-2013 08:18 AM

Auto-equiping the power trays
Well, I don't know how it is officially called, but I am talking about the feature that abilities and consumables are automatically placed on your action bar.

Where? is there some kind of system. order? Haven't found out. Probably there isn't. Anyway I would like to get rid of it. Make it optional. Like, nothing is placed on the action bars unless I, the player, selected it and dragged it to that place. Make a little tutorial for new players, that should be enough to get them going.

skollulfr 03-10-2013 08:30 AM

sorry, no.
as it it now you can switch ships & it remembers your skill layout when you switch back providing you didnt rename/retrain a boff.

if you want a blank tray, right click drag the power into space and drop it.

fovrel 03-10-2013 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by skollulfr (Post 8520921)
sorry, no.
as it it now you can switch ships & it remembers your skill layout when you switch back providing you didnt rename/retrain a boff.

if you want a blank tray, right click drag the power into space and drop it.

I don't see why we cannot have this without the other. I am not talking about ship layout that can be remebered. I find stuff on my action bars that I have never put there. Who is doing this, why?

Besides, I don't think the one thing has anything to do with the other.

doffingcomrade 03-11-2013 10:55 PM

The annoying part is that this happens even when you have locked the tray, so now you have to UNLOCK it just to get rid of it!

asphe 04-19-2013 03:37 AM

During ground events, if you swap out a device... the power tray slot stays "empty"*. It used to be, if you swap a device, the new device skill/ability will appear where the old one was. Now, a dummy placeholder takes the spot. This 'feature' was introduced last year for a very good reason. One that escapes me and probably the programmer who introduced it.

To solve this, BEFORE you swap the device, right-click on the old power and drag it off. Now you'll REALLY have an empty slot instead of one that just looks like it's empty. Swap your new device in...

This takes very little time and in no possible way, is an inconvenience or will possibly annoy someone in the midst of combat.


Powers Tray swapping in and out when you change ships, rename ships or even rename BOFFs?

I am not 100% sure but I'm willing to bet they coded things in such a way that the game links a power tray configuration to each of your ship slots. Say you have a total of 5 ship slots.

A, B, C, D & E.

When you have just the one ship, power tray configuration 'a' is linked to slot A. No problem. Let's say you add a second ship, 'b' to B. Again, no problem. Add a third ship... no problem.

Let's say your ships are named, "Aria, Ballad and Cantata".

Aria - A - a
Ballad - B - b
Cantata - C - c

If you rename Cantata to Bad... problem. Because Bad may be RE-assigned to slot B.... shifting Ballad to slot C. So when you board your ship, you now have power tray configuration 'b' instead of the 'c' you were expecting. If you have the identical ship type/boff skills/etc... you might not be too inconvenienced... if not, you'd have some empty slots... and we all know how this games hates empty slots.

Aria - A - a
'old Cantata aka Bad' - B - b
Ballad - C - c

If you add another ship and it's named Aaron... well you get the picture.

Plus I believe that the game also puts your BOFF slots in the same place... which is why when I rename a BOFF... I can occasionally cause this problem.

I simply refused to do the Vault Shuttle Events because on occasion, when you switched back to your normal ship... you had to redo the powers tray all over again.

As much as I love this feature, I hope it gets redesigned away, perhaps repurposed into an anti-hack/spam feature on the forums.

I'm sure someone who's read the introduction of any SQL book can help figure out a better way... or any 3 year old... monkey.


Don't hold your breath waiting for a fix, what with LOR coming up and all. Plus the 'auto-irritate' feature has been in the game since 2010.

I'd suggest doing two things. Firstly, populate each and every single slot on your powers tray (i.e. put 'Distribute Shield Power' in all 10 rows, all 10 columns). Secondly... take a screenshot of it. If anything happens (and it will, no really). You can restore things without being eidectic.

One last thing, EVEN if you populate everything in the ground powers tray, expect the 'Integral Modulation' power to swap places with any of the '2-piece' powers from the STF or any other 'set' gear. Why? I've played STO for over an hour now, I am no longer capable of asking why. Just remember that if you right-click and hold a 'power' and drag it over another and release the mouse button... the two powers will swap places.

*empty slot's dummy placeholder is usually 'veteran skill bonus' or some other dumb thing. Why it's even possible to slot this in there... well I no longer ask why. Probably helps discourage people from playing too much.. or spending too much money/time...

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