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derpmeow 03-11-2013 11:10 PM

fed cruisers: beams or turrets?
Nubcaek question, basically what it says on the tin. Breaking it down a little further, what does better damage, 6 beams + 2 other (torp/mine) or 8 turrets? (I don't actually know the optimal turret layout, feel free to correct.) What has more procs? What's more useful/what would you prefer to see on your team?

Let's say you have the right BO abilities (crf + csv/bo + faw as appropriate), and at least some ability to mitigate energy drain (EPS transfer, NI, EPtW, weapons batt etc).

I know cruisers are capable of a reasonable amount of damage, whilst not necessarily being appropriate for the DPS monsta role. Still, nobody wants a ******n brick on their team. I'm kind of just feeling out the mechanics of the game, so what d'you think?

snoggymack22 03-11-2013 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by derpmeow (Post 8544581)
I know cruisers are capable of a reasonable amount of damage, whilst not necessarily being appropriate for the DPS monsta role. Still, nobody wants a ******n brick on their team. I'm kind of just feeling out the mechanics of the game, so what d'you think?

They are capable of middling damage. But those cruisers that do so are not equipping 8 turrets.

admiralq1732 03-12-2013 12:11 AM

answer both, you get nice all round damage by hybriding beam arrays and turrets.

theeishtmo 03-12-2013 12:13 AM

I built a turreted Odyssey. Here's what you should know before even thinking about attempting it:

A. Turrets are EXPENSIVE. No matter which ones you go with, you'll be paying out the nose for the good ones. I went Polarized Disruptors, and the only reason I didn't go totally broke is because I had fleet mates who cracked open more boxes than god.

B. Anything to boost your damage is going to be a requirement. Cannon abilities (rapid fire and scatter volley), attack patterns, batteries, etc, etc. You don't do a LOT of damage compared to an all beam boat, but your damage comes from all 8 weapons regardless of the direction your facing. Even the slow to turn Odyssey can handle that.

C. Tacs can make the best use of an all turret build. They have all the damage boosting abilities (attack pattern Alpha and Fire on My Mark) to make it worth the effort. Sci and Eng are going to be weak, probably too weak to make the effort worth it.

D. Choose the ship carefully. I went with a free Odyssey because I had it and couldn't think of anything else to do with it. Better to pick a ship with much stronger tactical options (more rapid fire). Assault Cruisers (any of them) are probably a better choice.

E. Against other players, you'll be a nuisance, but not much more. Best effect is working as an anti-fighter platform, or harassing. With a good tank build behind the turrets, you could last forever, but players will target someone else and then descend on you as group.

F. The NPCs do NOT know how to handle it. At all. You'll melt most NPC shields like butter. The Borg will remain challenging (best way to handle them is to kill quickly, which you can't do easily), and the assimilated Klink ships in Cure will be a bit of an issue (they redirect their shields). Otherwise though, you'll own most of NPC ships in ways you wouldn't expect. It helps that you never have to do a pass and can just fly in circles.

G. The one thing that made my ship a threat in PvP is grabbing just one SubNuc duty officer. Look it up, they're expensive but with every shot always hitting, it's completely worth it. We had a pairs arena match with a fleet mate and he was cursing it.

H. Get SOMETHING that can give you a punch. I went with isometric charge, but anything to allow you to exploit the shield stripping you're going to be doing is going to make you far more deadly than you would imagine.

For the record, I use a full Borg Mk XI set, an extra tractor beam and directed energy modulation (for when I don't get through the shields right away). My ship isn't a beast, but it's easy to underestimate it and get ripped apart when you do.

I would suggest against it if you're not a Tac or you don't have the funds.

woodwhity 03-12-2013 03:06 AM

Full Beam Boat ;) With cutting beam and romulan experimental plasma array (even if it may look rainbowish, it still boosts damage. However plasma is viable damage type for stfs).

bugspatteredjack 03-12-2013 03:43 AM

I have run a successful Fleet Excel build that has x4 single cannons up front and X3 turrets in the back with cutting beam. With the proper build you can easily hold your own in an Elite and actually contribute to team play.

tpalelena 03-12-2013 05:09 AM

I have seen successful "single cannon front - turrets rear" and "all beam array " cruisers.

Cruisers doing well...not escort damage, but very respectably damage around 75% of what your average escort poured out.

I myself run A Fleet Excelsior with 2 dual beams front with the Experimental beam and the Hyper plasma torpedo front, while 2 beam arrays, cutting beam and Omega torped rear. I use 100/100 power on shields and weapons.

I changed to this plasma build from a 3-3 full beam arrays one, and it seems better. Perhaps less energy drain, or the romulan torpedo making its mark.

Also, going full power to shields when tanking some boss is very recommended, as well as going full power to weapons when firing against something that does not fire back, like a transformer.

Also, what duty officer gives subnucleonic beam? I never heard of such a thing.

notapwefan 03-12-2013 06:50 AM

a federation cruiser would look good with turrets only :)

ursusmorologus 03-12-2013 07:20 AM

Beams are more difficult to play than turrets. The broadside window is pretty small, and putting your ship into position for it takes you out of position for using your torpedoes. Turning requires motion, so you have to be moving all the time to time this effectively. And if you dont do that, then you will be throwing DPS down the toilet. Also, all energy weapons benefit from high weapons energy, but beams require you to keep it high just to be competitives. Overall, turrets require less effort to use, and if you can get 5+ turrets on a target while also shooting it with a couple of torpedoes and throwing your debuffs and area-effect spells, you are going to do more damage. This is especially true with the very large ships that respond to input slowly.

On the other hand if you can load up with >6 beams and you can keep moving and you can keep energy high its very effective, and will do the same amount of damage as 4 DHCs shooting you.

asimosa 03-12-2013 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by admiralq1732 (Post 8545071)
answer both, you get nice all round damage by hybriding beam arrays and turrets.

Don't ever ever do this. Or use full turrets, for that matter. They do absolutely piss-poor damage even with rapid fire, most cruisers don't have the tac slots to make proper use of cannon skills anyway, and the fact you do the same piss-poor damage from every angle doesn't make it stop being poor.

Load beam arrays, preferrably with the experimental romulan beam so you can have eight arrays going at once with a manageable drain (sub that for a DBB or torpedo if you lack it). Fit a Fire at Will in your tac slots somewhere and keep EptW (and preferrably Aux2Bat and other weapon power increasers/weapon drain reducers) up at all times. Enjoy massive broadside damage for little effort.

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