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fovrel 03-12-2013 02:31 AM

Defera ground
Lately I have begun working on my Omega reputation and as a hardcore solo player I am interested in the Defera ground invasion, because, well, it is content supposed to be played by a single player. The simple, green, missions of course. I have played Town, green and yellow, Power Plant, green and yellow.

Overall, I like the whole thing, setting, atmosphere etc. I also like STO ground combat (just my opinion). Against the Borg I like to use a melee weapon and melee combat has a whole set of combo's. It is a kind of mini game.

Now some feedback.
Town green and yellow missions, light and middle, can be done by one player; you don't need a team. So that is nice for getting Omega marks. Since it is an open area, other players steel often your target. I am fighting borg so I can remodulate a turret ... another player moves in and remodulates it. I am fighting tactical drones to free a deferi ... another player moves in and steals my prize. That is the drawback of playing in an open zone. Perhaps it is lag, but I do suspect some of my fellow players are just not nice people.

Power Plant. Green is easy and simple single player content. I have not managed to finish a yellow mission here on my own. Good, you may say, it is afterall group content.

So in the end we may ask what is wrong here? I think the solo missions give to few omega marks. They also give fleet marks and I cannot complain about these numbers. So I am having now a character with a little amount of Omega marks and a good amount of fleet marks. As I remember, the reputation system was game content focussed on the single player, while the fleet system, and everything what comes with it, is for players in a fleet, group content. Is there a paradox here?

Also, while playing the Power Plant yellow, second, level, I noticed there where not many players. It was almost empty. Players do not seem to group for these quests. I understand. If I want Omega marks, ground combat, group play, I can do a ground STF.

My suggestions. Higher the reward in Omega marks for the single player quest and/or make some of the yellow quests suitable for a single player. Three green quests, one yellow, one red.

ashkrik23 03-12-2013 03:53 AM

Mediums have become almost empty now due to the teaming for hards only.

nicha0 03-15-2013 08:06 AM

First question is why are you killing the borg standing at the turrets? Just remodulate it and move on, they'll walk to you, but their reaction time is horrible. When I see people shooting borg with 1s streaming out, I won't assume they are getting turrets, they have a lot more to learn.

The mediums are annoying in the city, but if you are close, you get credit for it too, some kinda of weird area credit is given.

Players don't do the power plant mediums because the whole area is buggy and unplayable.

If you want to do things efficiently get a group, the temple is the best place, can be done solo or fast with groups.

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