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resumod 03-14-2013 05:45 AM

[Bug] [Omega Plasma Torpedo] Incorrect use of charges / won't fire
This bug is realy common for me.

I use the Omega Launcher on my Vesta without and with a boff for a better torpedo reload time (forgot the doff in the roaster first). I hade the bug both times.

The bug is easy to see but not that easy to discripe.

When using the Omega Torpedo Launcher the launcher uses charges. For me it happens very often, that i have charges left on the torpedo launcher, or even that i regenerate charges, but that the launcher will not fire.
Instead the reloadingvisual on the torpedosymbol from the weapons shows a "reload" every second and 1 to 4 charges left. After every "reload" i hear the audio for a fired torpedo and often i see the visual of a torpedo, that is disapearing after some seconds, but mostly right after launching (between launching point and nose of the ship) and that will never do any damage. Sometimes i realy see a stream of disapearing torpedos fired every second.
This can happen with 1 to 4 charges left that are shown on the torpedo weapon symbol. Mostly, but not every time, the launcher will fire again when charge nr. 5 is regenerated but it will fire NOT all charges after that but the torpedo will restard bugging until there are 5 charges again.
Disabling the torpedo and waiting will help sometimes but not every time.

This realy leads to that i don't have any torpedo weapon for 30s (5 charges with one regenerated all 6s) with a normal 6s cooldown for the torp after that.

Sometimes it even will take ages for a torpedo spread or high yield to be fired. But i don't know if these 2 things belong together.

I reported this bug some weeks ago with the ingame bug reporting. But I am unable to see any of my send tickets or to search existing tickets so i try it here again.

Anyone around whose Omega bugging too? Or I am the only one? Havn't found the bug here.

kane53 03-14-2013 10:58 AM

iv had this problem to and put in a ticket for it so far no response about it

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