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emoejoe 03-14-2013 08:48 AM

One Man Wrecking Crew
Bringing The Pain In STO/ Doing It Right

"Applying maximum advantage at the point of the enemy's greatest weakness"

Few axiomatic mantras can be repeated with universal application as this in regards to pvp.

Excessively simplistically, combine subnuke with raw damage.

But in reality, any single player can watch the timers and later intuit the weak point at which to time an attack. Fast target switching or use of stealth, can be better than a fresh snb target-who is rapidly healed.

But that's all fine and well but when u get there, when the light is green, when its time to bring the pain- WHAT exactly is your plan? SPACEBAR?

uncoordinated untimed random attacks?
4 dhc and 3 turrets?
unspecced torpedoes?
focus fire?

Throw out some mean disables and epic damage specials.
PSW(12kbasedmg) -Tractor- Viral Matrix- Esyphon (w 25% sys proc doff)- Bo2 (base dmg 30k)- Bo3(base dmg 40k)- HY2 (base 12kx3) - HY1(base 15kx2)
base damage 100k+ non crit
more like it

and have something to follow up..
whiptail temp torp, realign bo3, egress with cron nadion rear. (usually for the second kill)
-hang out for a minute/repeat (all enemies should be dead anyway)
So unless your stacking deeps to the tune of 200k potential instant spike damage, don't ask "how did they live!!!!!!!!?"

darkfader1988 03-14-2013 09:55 AM

Isn't it the idea to put all ur buffs on spacebar for the ultimate alpha? :D

Yeah Mini you keep giving me haxy ideas i need to do some moar tweaking real fast!

Cu in Kerrat

virusdancer 03-14-2013 08:50 PM

Nadeon Plasma.
Sensor Scan.
Gravity Well.
Tractor Beam.
Subnucleonic Beam.
Viral Matrix.
Photonic Fleet.
Antiproton Sweep.
Charged Particle Burst.
Photonic Shockwave.
Switch over to full Weapon Power from Aux and continue to fire the 3x Phased Polaron DHCs/2x Polaron Turrets and Plasma Torps. Sorry though, no CRF. :(

20 years from now, when I get the Fleet Norgh - I'll add MAS'd EWP though. :rolleyes:

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