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zerobang 03-15-2013 05:57 AM

Account + Fleet Bank Security
i heard that Cryptic will not fix your Fleet Bank when it gets robbed by a Fleetmember who got his Account hacked.
Well at least there was some Forum Rage about it a few months back, i don't know how that Story ended. (is that still correct information?)

so what about that *new* Account Bank?

i notice when i copy my Character to Tribble it does not copy the content of the Account Bank, so i presume the Account Bank is not part of the Character Data that would be restored in the case of a Hack.

Is Cryptic able to restore the Account Bank?
Did that happen to anyone yet?

I know they will restore your affected Characters Inventory and Bank, but what about the Account Bank (and the EC inside it)?

Or is it safer to keep your important stuff and EC in your normal Bank?

Anyway i have not heard of anyone getting hacked in a while, this *new* Account Guard thingy seems to do its job.

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